Hiiii Erasmuser !!! I imagine that not everything will be studying or partying during your Erasmus, right? As I imagine, you will want to return home at least visiting or knowing the main Spanish cities. Here I leave you 11 essential cities to visit during your Erasmus in Spain!

Some cities with a lot of history, others more worth visiting for their beauty or gastronomy, and others for … well now you will discover it.

* Unfortunately there are not all the cities that I could recommend in Spain, you would need more than one Erasmus experience in Spain to visit them.:)
Before start, in some places you will have to spend the night. I personally recommend you to book an airbnb or similar websites…you know why .

Madrid skyline

1. Madrid

It is the capital of Spain, it is a surprising city, with a lot of atmosphere, energetic, it is full of life 24 hours a day. In addition its streets are tremendously charming, full of art, many places, monuments … that’s why it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

I recommend that you get lost in Parque del retiro and find the crystal palace (A-WE-SOME), and then, if you go hungry, ask for a bocadillo de calamares in one of the bars in the Plaza Mayor.
To end the day, you cannot miss the best sunset at the Temple of Debod.
Madrid is one of the cities in Spain that you have to visit during your Erasmus YES or YES.

Barcelona skyline

2. Barcelona

Next stop, Barcelona, a city full of modernist monuments such as the Sagrada Familia; There is no need for presentations. I know, but if you think that on the outside it is beautiful, inside I do not even tell you, worth seeing and not being told, it is a spectacle of lights and colors.

The best views of the city can be found in Park Güell (although there are many more places without waste like Montjuïc Castle) .You can also take a walk through the Barceloneta and eat a typical bomba (potato and meat top) while you look the sea.

Another of the cities you have to visit during your Erasmus in Spain for sure.

3. Santiago de Compostela

¿Santiago? Yeeeees, Santiago!! Many reasons to go to this city, I specifically leave you two.

One of them is to visit the impressive Obradoiro Cathedral, with a facade to keep your mouth open. The door of the Silverware and, of course, see the famous Botafumeiro.

The second reason is the city itself, its historical center. Narrow streets of stones, nature, but obviously, for all the monuments that you find while walking through the city on each corner, in itself, a spectacular city and you do not have to stop seeing.

4. Sevilla

What does Seville have that no other city has? It is a jewel of the South, a city with a lot of history, monuments and charming corners. If you go to this city, it is clear that you cannot miss the Giralda and the Royal Alcazars. And you can end the day watching the sunset with a ham lid and a glass of wine at the foot of the Guadalquivir.

Another good reason is the good weather and its cheerful and welcoming people.

5. Valencia

Everyone has their favorite city, and Valencia is undoubtedly the best city for me (Anyone can imagine where I am from). It is a paradise, with a climate considered enviable by many of the tourists; not to mention its traditional holidays (such as the Fallas in March), the level or quality of life, the short distance between beach and mountains, the Mediterranean cuisine which includes the true Valencian paella.

I personally, apart from visiting its most iconic monuments, I recommend losing yourself in the city center, through its alleys, as it is one of the cities that you can discover the most secrets that way. Valencia is mandatory stop.

6. Malaga

Malaga occupies a good place in my ranking of most beautiful cities in Spain, and it is that it falls in love, everyone who goes says so. Located in southern Spain, it is a perfect destination to enjoy the city, countryside, mountains, beach, etc.

The city center is always full of life with authentic people that fill you with energy.But without a doubt my favorite neighborhood is the Palo neighborhood. It is a fishing area, well known for the best sardines and fried fish.

A perfect plan would be to take a walk along Calle Larios and watch the sunset from the Mirador de Gibralfaro.

7. Teruel

Maybe Teruel is not in your plans, but if you go Aragón you can not miss the small town of Teruel, yes, small, but with a lot of charm and I assure you that you will fall in love.

In it you can go to see the lovers of Teruel, a love legend, in addition to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Tower of San Martín and stroll along the impressive Fernando Hué Viaduct.
I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

8. Salamanca

Being a student and not recommending Salamanca? You can not miss this list, it is a city that has a lot of things to offer, but the best is the student environment that the city has.
Apart from being pretty, it is one of the university capitals of Spain, that means that The student environment is not lacking. Another thing that makes it unique is its color, because the city is built on stone from Villamayor.

If you visit this city, the obligatory visit is La Plaza Mayor, as well as the garden of Calixto and Melibea, the building of the former Royal College of the Espíritu Santo (the Clergy), La Casa de las Conchas or the palace of Monterrey, which belongs to the House of Alba.

Toledo skyline

9. Toledo

Toledo is beautiful wherever you look, but you have to know that more than a beautiful city is a historic city. Just arriving and seeing the hinge door and the walls gives you an idea of what the city is like; It is a very particular city, since in the past three cultures coexisted: the Christian, the Jewish and the Arab. Cobblestone floors, alleys, constant mixtures of churches.

I suggest that if you want to get a photo with the best views of the city, do it from the top of the funicular of the Pila River, which is also free to climb on.

Erasmus in Granada

10. Granada

How could I forget Granada? It is one of those cities that you fall in love from the first foot you put in the city.

Granada has many things to do and see, but the best plans are: go see the Alhambra from the San Nicolás viewpoint, sit on a terrace drinking a beer with some tapas, walk through the realejo and lose yourself in the streets of Albaicín, a town of white houses where you can enjoy flamenco in its purest state until you reach the sacromonte .. looks fine, right? In your route you can not miss the mandatory visit to the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel.

11. Formentera

And finally, a very beautiful island that I recommend you visit, Formentera, the small paradise of the Mediterranean. It is thinking about her and wanting to take the first ship towards Formentera. He has nothing to envy to the Caribbean islands.

Formentera is characterized mainly by the respect it has for nature and the environment. it has 69 km of coastline with lots of paradisiacal beaches, with super clean, crystalline waters and turquoise.

Keep in mind that it does not have an airport, and you can only access by boat to its small port, that is why Formentera remains a virgin, and is far from the mass of tourism.

If you visit this paradise you cannot leave without visiting the famous El Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, getting lost in small white house towns, strolling through its artisan markets and ending the day watching a sunset in Ses Illetes or the beautiful Cala Saona.

This is one of the cities that I also recommend to do your Erasmus in Spain, especially for the experience that you will live in a magical place like this.

I don’t know about you but … I was standing there right now.


As I said in the introduction I leave many other cities that I would recommend you to visit such as Zaragoza, Pamplona, Córdoba, Ávila, Burgos, Cáceres, San Sebastián … but it is impossible to include them all as essential, so you know, if you are going to do your Erasmus near any of these cities, do not hesitate to visit them !!

At this point I imagine you will think. And how do I go to these sites? Well calm down, for that I am also → the 7 best ways to travel in Spain.


I accept criticism! Of course, if you are going to criticize it to be constructive, what city do you think I have left and why do you think it is essential? Comment friend, on behalf of the Erasmusers I thank you in advance 🙂

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