Thinking about doing an Erasmus year? Don’t you know how or where to start?
Keep calm, here we go again to tell you “how to apply for the Erasmus scholarship in 5 quick and simple steps”, no stories, straight to the point!!

By the way, answering the first question “thinking about doing an Erasmus year?” If you are not sure, here I leave you a post where we argue why to do an Erasmus year or not, I hope it can help you too.

Let’s go!! Here you are the 5 steps to apply for your Erasmus scholarship.

1st step. the deadlines.

for the Erasmus grant

You should find out what the deadlines are to request the Erasmus scholarship. Why do I tell you to find out? Every University sets a limit time and it’s important to know. Normally, the dates are between October and November, but don’t trust me, ask for the dates to your university. Who do I have to ask? You have to ask at the International Relations office/Secretary of your university or through an email. EASY!

2nd step. Application.

You will have to fill in the forms with your information, as an illustrative example, the place where you want to do your Erasmus. In the following list, I leave you the ones that affect the most to be chosen or not (specifically the first two points):

1. Average grade of your academic record.
2. Language level. This is almost as important as your grades (at least in some universities). Generally, universities require at least a B1 level, otherwise you can take an exam at your university (in some, not all of them; again, ASK to your university, do not be afraid) to evaluate your language level.
3. Buddy. It’s basically about helping the Erasmus students who arrive at your University, helping them in everything they need, as it will happen to you when you leave… I imagine you will need help, right? So… if you still have time to sign up for the Buddy program, this will give you extra points, and, in addition, it will also help you to test your English.
4. University academic year when you will enroll to do Erasmus (it will be easier for you to go in the last course).

* In exceptional cases, the Universities usually do a test to improve the final selection of those who will go to Erasmus, as I said, this is in exceptional cases. These tests can be interviews or talks with the student to see the level of motivation. In this case, show how excited you are about the experience. 😁

A second parenthesis before going on, I cannot know the destination that you will choose, or maybe you don’t even know it. In this particular case, I leave you the link to the post of Why do Erasmus in Spain, just in case it is one of the countries you are considering.

3rd step. Provisional list.

Come on my friend!!! You will surely be on that list! I guarantee you! (as long as you have met the above requirements of course hahaha). This list shows the people who provisionally have been chosen for the Erasmus scholarship, they will also indicate if you are missing any paper or document to attach. If you are in this position … Do it as soon as possible!! or your place will be canceled.

If you have not been chosen, it’s always recommendable to make claims. In the situation you’re your average score is not OK, Claim! Come on, Erasmus waits for you!!

4th step. Final list.

As I guess, you will be on it … Congratulations in advance! Congratulations my friend! 🥳

In this step, all you have to do is:

  1. Check that all the information is correct: your destination, data that you have modified, etc.
  2. You have to formalize the acceptance of your admission by a writing. Your university will facilitate all this paperwork, don’t worry!

5th step and last. Application form + Learning Agreement.

I anticipate what the University will tell you (although you must always follow the directions of your University). Basically, this is what you will have to do:

  1. Application form. You formally request through a letter that the host University accepts you for the next course. Generally, this is not serious, although there are some universities that have a more exhaustive selection process. If this is the case of the university where you want to enroll, work hard!
  2. Learning Agreement. This is something that I have already detailed in the Erasmus Bible, but if you have not read it yet, my friend, don’t worry I am going to explain you. You have to think the subjects you are going to take in the destination university. Do not worry too much about this step, when you arrive at the host university you will have a period to attend to different lessons, test, and thus make a better choice

Time to say bye

Well, dear friend, I hope you will be chosen soon and be able to live the experience as I lived it, the greatest advice I can give you is that “This is a simple procedure and I assure you that it is worthwhile.”

And...obviously 😁

I hope this blog has helped you (come on, like everyone I wrote) and if it has helped you, share! that will also help other people 🙂

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