Hi Erasmuser, wanting to start your Erasmus in Spain? Or, are you already enjoying it? Well, whatever it is, I’m going to present you the 7 best ways to travel around Spain in the most economical way.

1. The first option and the cheapest. Your friend’s car 🚗

Come on, surely you will make Erasmus friends from other countries that will go by car, or Spanish people who will have it; Take advantage! I am not saying to take the car, but to share experiences, go to surrounding cities/towns, take a longer weekend trip or even 4 days on Christmas or Easter holidays.
Otherwise, if you do not have that luck, don’t worry I am here to leave you other options.

2. Interrail🚆🎒

This is…. a magnificent option!! I recommend it for the final climax of your Erasmus, start planning your trip, THE BIG TRIP! finish the last days of your Erasmus and get lost in Spain. Why do I recommend Interrail? because you pay for days, not for trains; you can take as many trains as you want or you can 😏. You also have the option to spend it on different days of the month.
The rates? They are as follows:

· Interrail Spain Pass → 3 days (in 1 month) – € 148
· Interrail Spain Premium Pass → 3 days (in 1 month) – € 172

Difference between these two rates? In the premium you can make your seat reservation in advance. The day is € 50 and € 58 respectively.

Hey!! You can also do it as an alternative to return home (Advancement, only for the brave).
Send all your luggage through a transport company, take your backpack with you and take the option of Interrail through Europe and return home from Spain with trains, cool! The price of the ticket costs just 20 euros more expensive in the case of taking 3 days.

3. Train (Renfe. Euromed o AVE), depeding on your rush you have 🚆

Obviously this option would already be among one of your alternatives but of course, I have to name it.

Honestly, finding trains on Renfe’s website can become an odyssey; It is almost easier to go to the nearest station and make the purchase of the ticket, or through other websites, than using Renfe’s website, especially if they are short-distance trains since you will have to enter the Renfe Cercanías website, web with an intuitive zero design. I tell you what interests you, the price.

· AVE is the fastest option to travel in Spain. High speed Train Madrid – Barcelona (AVE) will cost you € 86.15 round trip. The journey takes between 2h 30’- at 3h. Keep in mind that by car they will be approximately 6h and 15 minutes.

4. By buuuus 💤🚌

You will always have the option of going by bus. It is quite comfortable and magnificent to make reflections while trying to take a “nap”. The company of buses on which you will find a greater variety in Spain is ALSA, the prices?

· Madrid – Barcelona → round trip € 60.

*There is also the Flixbus alternative, but I think that for Spain, currently … nothing recommended. Example: the same route Madrid-Barcelona, only one way would be 20h of journey and € 47; Obviously… is not worth it.

5. Are you a car person? You rent a car

Personally, the best way to travel in Spain if you want to live the experience to the fullest.
If you are one of those who likes to drive, or have a group of friends to make road trips, it’s a very interesting option, not only for the economic reason (which it is) but for the experience you are going to live … I’m jealous only thinking about it.

For example, renting a car in Madrid, from Atocha station, from Friday to Sunday, with premium insurance (something I highly recommend) the final price would be € 107,62. If you are 4 people it would cost € 27 per head plus gas, interesting, right?

Of course, but maybe, you don’t like driving, or you don’t have so many fellas to share the experience with; then calm the alternative in the next point.

6. …Or a spot in a car

Yes, you read correctly, rent a car seat. In Spain like so many other European countries, you have an option called Blablacar, in Spain its use is quite widespread. For those who do not know Blablacar, it is an APP for sharing rides, a kind of social network to travel “theoretically” in a more economical way, either driving (with your own car) or as a passenger. It can be an amazing experience, especially since you can meet all kind of new people.

I do not want to make special promotion of this APP but it can be very useful for both long and short trips.

As for the price Madrid – Barcelona round trip would be about € 80 approximately.

7. volareeee ooh ooh!! You were right, also  by plane ✈️

Depending on which part of Spain you want to travel, it will be easier going by plane than in any other method of transport and vice versa. Have a look in different flight comparators the alternatives in terms of price and time, so you will know if you are more interested in going by plane or any other means of transport.


If you know other transport alternatives, you or a partner of yours who has been in Spain whether traveling or Erasmus, share them here, this blog is about that, help each other; surely many will thank you even if they don’t tell you 🙂

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