Hiiiiiii Erasmuser! Nervous about starting your Erasmus in Spain? Or are you already there? Anyway, I have prepared a magnificent list of 7 Apps that I recommend you download for your Erasmus in Spain. Not all of them will serve you because maybe you are a crack and you have an excessive sense of direction, you know everything or you are too handsome/pretty. Handsome/pretty? Yes (when you read the post you will understand). If you fail any of these things or several of them, come! Do not wait more!!

1. What do I do today, where am I going to eat? – Foursquare/Tripadvisor

I imagine that during your Erasmus in Spain you will like to travel, discover new sites, or get to know your Erasmus city better, right? Well, these Apps will be great for you! it shows you:

  • Places to visit
  • Activities you can do
  • Places to eat
  • Where to party or just have a drink

You will have recommendations with photos, with valuations from normal people (like you or me) and professionals. It is a great option, wherever you go.
I recommend that you download both, compare and see which one suits you best.

Foursquare app

· Foursquare → available for iOS and Android
· Tripadvisor → available for iOS and Android

icon Google Maps App

2. I want to go to … – Google Maps

This I imagine you expected, but not to be expected will not serve.
To be honest, I could not travel today without Google Maps, my strength is not the orientation.
You can access either with data or by previously downloading zones with the “offline” functionality.

The good thing also about our beloved maps, is not only to tell us how to get to the site, whether on foot, by public transport or our own vehicle, is that it gives us information about:

  • Public transport schedules
  • Opening and closing hours of trade
  • Where go to eat
  • What to do

If I had to download a single App for my Erasmus in Spain of all the Apps I put on the list, it would undoubtedly be Google Maps.
Of course, if you have your own vehicle, I recommend Waze, since the users of this network provide you with real-time information of all the problems that may arise on the road such as accidents or radars.

· Google Maps → available for iOS and Android

3. Do I appear handsome/pretty ? – Lightroom or…

One of these Apps you have to download for your Erasmus in Spain. An experience like that of Erasmus is to show it on your social networks, either for your memory and then create an album. Here I leave you the ones that I particularly like and use.

  1. Lightroom. My favorite. I downloaded a couple of presets (what come to be filters), installed them and there are some incredible images.
    · Available for iOS and Android
  2. Presets. You only have (for free) two kind of presets – Maldives and Canlaon – you have also options inside this two presets.
    It is fast/easy to applicate.
    · Available for iOS 
  3. Snapseed. Here you will have many more options than with “presets”. It is much more editable, but you also need more time to edit each photo.
    · Available for iOS and Android

Friend, get ready because you will cause envy with your photos …

4. How do you say … – Translate Now

Almost the first thing I recommend you download before arriving in Spain. You will see yourself in many situations, especially at the beginning that you will have to be a translator, it is the most normal thing in the world; yes, I hope that soon after it is one of the first applications you uninstall, it will be a good sign.

I put this alternative to the almighty Google Translate, first, so you do not think that this post is sponsored by our dear Google (but I recommend it equally) and second, because it has very similar features and operation; It works quite well.
You are free to choose dear friend.

· Translate Now → available for iOS and Android

5. My money flies … – Fintonic

Basically this App serves to facilitate the management of your finances. As you can imagine, Erasmus students sometimes have to do financial engineering to make ends meet, because hey, with this tool it will be easier for you to control your money management, download it, experiment with it a bit and you will see what Useful that you find.

· Fintonic → available for iOS and Android

6. What do I do with this? Sell it!! – Wallapop

I assure you that you will buy many things that later, you will not take to your country, what will you do with them? either you can give them to your friends or … you can get money with it. Sell them through Wallapop, get extra money and take a good trip as a final climax with that money.

· Wallapop → available for iOS and Android

7. Can you take me home? – Uber / Cabify

Well, the situation is not the best for VTC platforms in Spain and the rest of the European community, but the truth is that in the cities that are available, it is a very comfortable and good price service. Surely it will serve you on your Erasmus. I leave you a list of the cities where each of these Apps operate.

  1. Uber. Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga, Costa del Sol Alicante, Elche, Burgos, Valladolid, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Santander.
    · Available for iOS and Android
  2. Cabify. Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Alicante, A Coruña, Murcia and Santander.
    · Available for iOS and Android

And to close … and as a gift …

Uber App screenshots

7 + 1. Are we going for beers? – Beermap

I recognize that it is the first time I see this App, but it has made me funny and, sure how bad it can not be, otherwise, in time you are always uninstalling the App. Find the best beer bars in the city and stay with your friends!! Yeees !!!

*Only Spanish version.

Craft Beer Map app screenshots

· Craft Beer Map → available for iOS and Android

See you in the next post 👋

I hope these Apps help you for your Erasmus in Spain and eeh !! Do you think I forgot an interesting app? Well come on, share it with me and the rest of the Erasmusers. 🙂

*And by the way I leave here another one of my blogs on the 7 best ways to travel in Spain 100% recommended if you want to live the Erasmus experience to the fullest.

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