Hiii Erasmuser! Ready for your Erasmus? Well … you will not be completely ready if you have not downloaded at least one of these apps on your smartphone. In this post I bring you the 7 apps, that I think, are essential for your Erasmus. Probably the 7 apps will not be essential in your particular case, but they are the basic ones dear friend, those which can really help you. Ready? let’s see them!!

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1. How am I going to…? – CittyMaper

If you go to a big city, you will have to use public transport.
Let’s be honest, finding out which bus or subway is the one you have to take to go to the place you want to arrive is a nightmare. And to know the stop where you have to get off is… nothing easy.

CittyMapper shows the best routes by public transport in more than 70 destinations in the world, both by bus, subway and tram …
If you go to smaller cities, another alternative is Moovit.

· CityMapper→ available for iOS y Android
· Moovit → available for iOS y Android

2. I Want to traaavel!! – Hopper

Surely you will take the opportunity to travel, but your budget is quite limited.
Hopper makes up to 3 different predictions on the prices of flights and hotels for the four next months of the chosen date, making sure you save up to the 40% on your next trip.

· Hopper→ available for iOS y Android

3. Hello? Do not know anyone…- Meet UP

You have to be careful in the meeting people apps, because if you are only looking for a friendship you can expect to find a wide variety of people, since many people use them to flirt.
The one I’ve seen more normal is Meet Up. It allows you to meet groups of people with the same hobbies as you and make hangouts.

If you want to propose the plan you will have to pay € 13.49 / month, but if you don’t like to take the initiative, signing up is free.

· Meet Up→ available for iOS y Android

4. What can I visit??? – Civitatis

You are already in the city … Now what? There is so much to do and so much to visit, but where do I start? Do not worry, Civitatis offers you plans of all kinds: guided tours, shows, tickets to museums and monuments, sports shows … Come on, everything! I assure you that you will not have time to get bored.

Many plans need to be paid (although they are not expensive), but there are plenty of free guides and plans if the pocket bank is limited.

*Personally I think this is one of the most essential apps for your Erasmus.

· Civitatis→ available for iOS y Android

5. Pharmacy, bank? Where are they? – AroundMe

Do you need to find a pharmacy or go to get money from an ATM and do not know where they are? Do you want to go to watch a movie at the cinema, but you have no idea how to get there?

This app tells you the basic and most useful services that are currently around you, such as finding something as basic as the supermarket to make your weekly purchase.

· AroundMe→ available for iOS y Android

6. What can I do? – Yelp

Did you just leave class and want to go to have a drink with your friends? Yelp is the perfect app.
It’s great because it points you from fast food places to cafes and restaurants that are at that moment close to you, so you don’t have to go exploring the whole city for a coffee.
Also, if you are undecided, it shows you a list of results based on the type of cuisine you like the most.
As if that weren’t enough, it shows you the menus of those restaurants or bars, so you don’t get a surprise when you get there, and also, in some cases, it allows you to order your food home!

Another alternative, if you do not mind moving a little more, is the Zomato app, which shows you the trendiest places to eat in your city, and it even allows you to give a score to the place to stay in the Top 10, in case you are one of those who like reviewing the places they visit.

· Yelp→ available for iOS y Android
· Zomato→ available for iOS y Android

7. How much do I have to pay? – Splitwise

Do you live with many people and you have problems when sharing common expenses?
You download this app and you will be able to create payment lists, and, automatically, the application will distribute the amount to be paid for each one among the members of the group.

Heyyy buddyyyyyyy!!! I know I had told you 7 reasons, but today I am feeling generous (as always) and I will give you one more gift!!!

· Splitwise→ available for iOS y Android

7+1. And how much is this in €? – XE Currency

You are in London and you have no idea how much 20 pounds are or vice versa. As this app allows you to calculate the change in any currency in the world, you can buy and know how much something would cost in the currency of your country.

· XE Currency→ available for iOS y Android

Time to say bye 👋

Dear Erasmuser friend, I know what you are thinking, Are these apps the best and most essential for my Erasmus? Of course not, there will be better apps and if you know them, what are you waiting for? Come and put them in a comment.

I also have to tell you that I recently wrote a post about the best Apps to do your Erasmus in Spain, although you are not going to do your Erasmus in Spain some of them can help you a lot too.


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