Although Bilbao is not one of the largest cities in Spain, its location makes it a place for any type of person, regardless of taste. However, for adventurers it will become special and unique, there is always something to do or to know.

* We understand that it is not easy to choose the city to do your Erasmus. So make sure you have read the post of Why go on Erasmus to Bilbao, in case you are still curious to know more about Bilbao.

Essentials of the city

One of the advantages of doing Erasmus in this city is that you have several tours to get to know its people, the history and art of the city. Some of the options are free, but don’t forget to tip, they are professional local guides.

Free tour of the old town of Bilbao

Learn about the history and how this city has developed over the years with a guided visit to the main sites of Casco viejo.

Free tour of mysteries and legends of Bilbao

Tour the city and discover the legends that will surround you in your Erasmus experience.

Free tour Bilbao

Focused on the new growth of the population beyond the old town, emphasizing architecture and modern art.

If it is not an option for you to walk or you prefer to take tours in some form of transport, we leave you some here. However, these are not free:

Bilbao tourist bus

You can get on and off as many times as you want at the stops it makes during a day, getting to know important monuments and more interesting places in Bilbao.

Tourist boat on the Bilbao estuary and the Bahía del Abra

A tour of approximately 3 hours in which you can also get off at any of its ports and visit some places on foot, such as the Hanging Bridge of Portugalete, the fishing port of Santurtzi or the Deusto canal.

Do you want to see something different?

If you do Erasmus in Bilbao, you will be surprised of the different activities that you have to do and that you will not find anywhere. So if you like strong emotions and adventure, we have the perfect plans to make your experience something unique.


Jump and walk along the coast and the Biscayan cliffs, or if you prefer in the mountains of Jata it is also possible. An activity to put your fears aside. You can even go paragliding or learn how to do it.

Bungee Jump-Goming from the Suspension Bridge

If you like extreme sports or just try something new, we encourage you to do Goming with one of the best views of the city. A 50-meter jump from the Bizcaia Bridge, suitable for all audiences, on Saturdays from June to October.

Forest Park

Amusement park with height games and zip lines among the trees, where you will have to cross climbing walls, cross bridges, jump, climb nets, among many other things.

Do you want something different?

On the other hand, if you are looking for plans outside Bilbao for a quiet weekend, you will also find them. We recommend three that you can do without spending a lot and in which you will not have a long way to go to get to these.

Getxo Municipality

Enjoy the tranquility and the wonderful sunsets that accompany the coast and its cliffs, visiting the Molino Aixerrota and the Fuerte de la Galea.

Playas de Arrietara-Atxabiribil

Recharge your energy by walking, surfing or drinking something in one of the bars on these semi-urban beaches in the municipality of Sopela.

Artxanda viewpoint

Appreciate the beauty of the entire city from this viewpoint, you can walk or take the funicular.

Do you want to go shopping?

You will be surprised with the number of brands and options. Regardless of your tastes, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Centro comercial Zubiarte 

A building with 80 stores including accessories, shoe stores, clothing, hypermarket, telephony, sports, perfumery, jewelry, furniture, among others. It also has restaurants and 8 movie theaters.

  • Opening times
    • Shops and supermarket –> 10am – 10pm
    • Restoration –> 12.00 – 0.30
    • Cinemas –> 16.00h – 0.30h
  • Where–> Leizaola Lehendakariaren Kalea, 2

Gran Vía

The most important street and avenue in Bilbao, where the main stores are located, as well as government institutions and banks.

  • Where? –> Gran Via of Don Diego López de Haro

Fnac Bilbao

In it they will see music stores, books, electronic devices, computers, DVDs, console products and places where they can buy concert tickets.

  • Opening times:
    • Shops and supermarket–> 10am – 10pm
  • Where? –> Urkixo Zumarkalea, 4

Are you looking for original restaurants?

The food of the Basque Country is recognized throughout Spain and even Europe. So being in its capital, Bilbao, you will have no problem finding several places with excellent dishes. Although, without a good service and atmosphere it is not the same, that’s why we bring you in this original post restaurants, not only in its food, but also in its decoration.

La Brasa Canalla €

Considered one of the best grill bars in the city. With a fairly extensive menu that offers nachos, chips, salads, old beef and pull pork, but above all a variety of burgers and options for vegetarians and celiacs.

  • Where? Elcano Kalea, 24

Happy river €€

A place with hammocks, terrace, hanging plants and incredible views over the estuary, where you can enjoy traditional tapas, Japanese cuisine, beer and cocktails.

  • Where?–> Mesedeetako Kaia, 4

La Campa de los Ingleses €€

It is named after the British sailors who introduced football to the city in the late 19th century. An original tavern for its decoration and location, where you can enjoy a good chat and view of the San Mamés countryside.

Where? –> Rafael Moreno Pitxitxi street (San Mamés Stadium)

Are you interested in going to museums?

Bilbao offers you everything, which is why science, art and culture cannot be overlooked. Interesting exhibitions await you if you choose to do your Erasmus in this city. Here are the most important museums:

The Guggenheim Museum

Also known as “El botxo”, one of the great art museums, it can be seen from outside. A building that pays tribute to the history of Bilbao, even with its shape, simulating that of an anchored ship.
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Museum of Fine Arts

One of the most important museums in the entire country, with works by great artists such as Murillo, Chillida, Goya, among others, and pieces that date from the 13th century to the present day.
From Wednesday to Monday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Ría de Bilbao Maritime Museum

They explain the evolution of the estuary and the relevance in the development of internal and external trade. Located between the Abandoibarra docks and the Athletic Club de Bilbao football stadium, under the Euskalduna bridge.
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Time to close the post

What do you think of Bilbao? The plans do not end here, there are many more things to do. If you have decided on this city, we advise you to read accommodation in Bilbao.

On the other hand…

If you are reading this post and you have already been in this city, do not hesitate to give us your opinion and make a recommendation. 🙂

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