If you are reading this blog it is because you have surely read why doing Erasmus in Jaén, so let’s see what you can see / visit in Jaén. It will impress you.

A great opportunity to discover a large part of Spain’s heritage. Despite the fact that Jaén is a small city, there are many plans in the province. With 300,000 hectares of natural surface, the Jaén biodiversity has many activities to do. From natural parks, caves and trekking.

The essentials of the city

Free Tour – Discover the essentials of Jaén

A tour so  that you always remember when you walk through its streets, squares, buildings and theaters the history and culture of this city.

Guided tour of Jaén

Visit the Plaza Santa Maria, the Air Raid Shelter, the Villadompardo Palace, where the largest Arab Baths in the world are located, and much more.

Tour of mysteries and legends of Jaén

Jaén has several secrets, including interesting legends and love stories that hide its palaces, monuments and squares. Enjoy a different walk under the starry blanket.

  • Price –>  10.80€

Do you want to see something different?

There will be days when you want to do something new, that will surprise you. And Jaén has enough of this, so do not hesitate to do any of these activities if you decide to do your Erasmus.

Blind oil tasting

Learn by smelling and savoring the variety of oils that Jaén has, from organic or conventional production oils, worked with ripe fruit or early harvest, with or without a designation of origin, single varietals or coupage

Rafting in Jaén

Enjoy incredible views as you descend through the white waters in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park.

Do not worry if you have never done it before, there is always a first time and with professionals you should not worry.

Canyoning Jaén

Learn to overcome the obstacles of nature in the ravine with regulated flow in the town of Pozo Alcón.

Do you prefer outdoor plans?

Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park

If you love nature and animals it is a great opportunity to explore this park on horseback, it does not matter if you do not know, these activities are carried out together with a professional.

Sierra de Andújar Natural Park

A paradise for cycling or just walking contemplating biodiversity. You can easily take with all kinds of birds, foxes, bulls, deer and Iberian lynx.

For lovers of photography, animals and adventure it will be an incredible day or weekend.

Sierra Mágina Natural Park

Jump in a paraglider from the Mágina peak, at 2,167 meters, one of the highest in Jaén.

Fly and live an unforgettable experience with unique landscapes from the sky.

In all of them, the quality of the tourist infrastructure is high, both in hotels, restaurants, spas and services, tourism companies, that is, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Do you want to go shopping?

There will surely be several reasons to go shopping while you do your Erasmus. They can be fairs, gifts, a trip and many other reasons, so here are our best recommendations.

The Linares Open Shopping Center

This is the name given to various shops linked together in the Pasaje del Comercio. Here you will find the most popular stores such as Zara, Springfield, Mango, among others.

A very good option if you are not sure what you are looking for.

La Loma Shopping Center

A benchmark in the capital where you have a little bit of everything, from perfume shops, restaurants, movie theaters, aesthetics and the market.

If what you want to buy is an electronic device, this is the place.

  • Where? Carr. Bailén-Motril, Km. 37

Jaén Plaza Shopping Center

One of the most recent shopping centers in Jaén, opened in 2019 with companies such as Lidl and Decathlon.

Where? Las Lagunillas Campus s / n

Are you looking for original restaurants?

Being a small city is not an impediment to finding original places with an excellent atmosphere. Therefore, if you decide to do your Erasmus in Jaén we recommend you visit these bars and pubs.

Admiral’s Arms Pub €

You will be surprised with this place, a Metal Gothic Club, Vampire Nest, magic and sorcery, to enjoy shots, drinks, beers, table football and darts at a good price.

If you like heavy this is the only place in Jaén where you can go.

  • Where? Calle Virgen de los Reyes, 2

The Garrison: Craft Beer House €€

In this place you will find a variety of national and imported beers, as well as premium cocktails and a very pleasant atmosphere with rock & indie music.

  • Where? Calle San Francisco Javier, 7

Bar “La Barra” Jaén €

Famous for the crumbs and their rosini (summer red), made by themselves. Definitely a place you must stop while studying in Jaén, they even have dishes that will make your eyes go away.

Where? Calle Cerón, 7

6. Wide variety of activities (even free ones)

When you don’t know where to go or don’t have a plan, museums are always a great option to learn and entertain yourself.

Iberian Museum

The only one specialized in Iberian culture in the world, more than 1,600 pieces dating from the 5th century and perhaps one of the most important works found in Spain, which could become an international benchmark.

  • Price–>  1.50€ 
  • Free–> for accredited citizens of the European Union and ICOM members.
  • Iberian Museum website

Provincial museum

A museum of fine arts to contemplate sculptures and paintings by great artists such as Goya, Picasso and Antonio López, among others, as well as Muslim collections.

The Villardompardo Palace Cultural Center

Renaissance building from the 18th century, where you can also find the Naif International Museum. You will also be able to appreciate temporary exhibitions of all kinds of themes, concerts and a beautiful view.

Before closing the post

We hope the information to make a decision has been helpful, if you still do not you can know the 7 essential apps for your Erasmus in Spain.

You already have enough activities on your checklist if you do your Erasmus in Jaén, if you liked them?
Conversely, if you’ve already been to this land, tell us what other places people should know about :).

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