Many of you may be wondering what will it happen if I want to go to the United Kingdom in my Erasmus year, how will the Brexit situation affect me?

Will the entry requirements be the same? Will they have changed?…or Will I stay in limbo if I’m already there?

That’s what I’m here for.

First, Brexit has not been agreed yet. This means that until October 31, 2019, the United Kingdom remains a member state of the European Union, so contingency measures have been created so that students in the country are not affected by the final decision.

There are two possibilities:
  1. There is agreement before October 31, 2019. In this case, the United Kingdom will continue to be an eligible country of the Erasmus+ program and everything will remain the same as always.
  2. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union without an agreement. This is the one that we surely worry about, aren’t we?

Well, in this case then, according to the website of the European Commission the Erasmus + contingency regulation would be applied to avoid the interruption of mobility of students and staff. OK, But… What does this mean?

I am in Erasmus program and UK leaves the European Union.

Easy. They guarantee that, if you are abroad after a mobility activity for learning reasons funded by Erasmus +. The day the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, your mobility period will not be interrupted.

To make it even easier: You are now, for example, in London doing your Erasmus and Brexit is produced, in this case you can be completely calmed, your stay in the country will not be affected at least until you have to leave.
If this is your case, you can breathe relaxed. Everything is the same for you too!

What if I go to the UK after Brexit?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this situation doesn’t affect you either. Why?

If by any chance you leave, for example, on November 10 and the Brexit has occurred, you should not worry, because you enter into the Contingency Plan established for the 2019-2020 academic year.

What happens if I leave after the 2019-2020 course?

Well, here the situation is perhaps not so clear at the moment.

As it is seems, the Commission proposed a Horizontal Contingency Regulation (Regulation on the measures related to the execution and financing of the general budget of the Union in 2019 in relation to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union).

What does it mean?

If these measures are adopted by the Council, this Horizontal Regulation will cover exchanges for learning reasons that begin after the date the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, but under certain specific conditions and in a more restrictive manner.

It’s not too bad, right?

They will look at your specific case and see how to proceed

The situation is somehow ambiguous at the moment, but one thing is clear:

Although the United Kingdom separates from the European Union, they will continue to give all kinds of scholarships and facilities.

According to Janet Beer, President of the rectors of the universities of the United Kingdom:

“They will support the students with the scholarships they already have for mobility and will seek bilateral agreements between their universities (the English ones) and the European ones, that is, the same mechanism that already they use with American, Australian or Canadian centers.”

(Beer Janet, interview, May 26, 2019. EL PAIS newspaper).

Any question?

No matter what your case is, one thing is certain: Whether it is Erasmus + or a new termination caused by Brexit, thousands of students will still be able to study in Great Britain without problems.

What do you think? Are you going to do an Erasmus to the UK this year? 🇬🇧🤔

*I imagine that if you have read this article it is because you are determined to do Erasmus, here I leave you a post where I explain How to apply for your Erasmus scholarship in 5 steps, see you in the next post. 🙂

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