Hiiiiii Erasmuser, if you are reading this it is because you are considering doing your Erasmus in Barcelona, and this city gives much to talk about. I am going to give you 8 reasons to do your Erasmus in Barcelona and thus clarify your ideas a bit. Barcelona is located in the northeast of Spain, not far from France and the Pyrenees, being the second largest city in Spain, with a population of 1,700,000 inhabitants. I would define Barcelona as a cosmopolitan, modern, traditional city with a lot of energy… but yes, always different. It is the only city that has nine UNESCO World Heritage monuments, yes, you have read correctly, up to 9 extraordinary buildings that you can find in this city worth seeing, many of them by the architect Antoni Gaudí.
After its history you will see in Barcelona Roman remains, medieval neighborhoods and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and the avant-garde of the twentieth century.

Let’s go, scroll down and discover the 8 reasons to do Erasmus in Barcelona!

*If you are thinking of doing your Erasmus in Spain I recommend this article about how to find accommodation in Spain.

City review

I would recommend you Barcelona if…

🍽 You love exploring the local cuisine
🏛 You are passionate about urban architecture
💸 If you don’t mind spending money

I would not recommend you Barcelona if…

🤕 If you run away from overcrowding
💸 Looking not to spend a lot of money (there are other cheaper cities)
🚶🏽 If you move around the city without public transport


🛏Room → 429 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 2.50 €
🍽Menu → 12.00 €


🌫 Winters in Barcelona are cold but mild
🔥 Warm days in summer and somewhat cooler at night.
🌡️ Annual average is 22 ° C

The People

😊open mind


Main courses
🍅 Pan con tomate
🐷 Butifarra
🍆 Escalivada
🌰 Romesco
🌱 Calçots
🍲 Escudella

🍮Crema catalana
🥯 Panellet

Top 5 most representative monuments 

🕌 La sagrada familia
🌅 Parque güell
🏡 Casa Batlló
⛪️ La pedrera
⛪️ Monasterio de pedralbes

1.  Because of the weather

First reason to do your Erasmus in Barcelona, the weather. why? Barcelona presumes of having the typical Mediterranean climate, that is, warm summers and mild winters. In fact, in the very cold months, only inland cities suffer some frost.

Maybe winters are cold, but mild…

That’s right, cold but mild, with average temperatures of 16ºC and minimum of 4ºC. You should know that if your Erasmus starts in September, you may get some heavy rain due to the famous “cold drop” (something very common on some days in September and October) but nothing that does not solve an umbrella. In short, it is not cold in Barcelona in winter, temperatures do not usually drop excessively, and the sky is often clear.

But when the good weather comes…

The crazy desire to be as many hours as possible on the street is increasing and more if the weather is good, right? Although I’m not going lie you, the summers in Barcelona are hot during the day, the good thing is that at night it lowers the temperature a bit. The chance of rain when the good weather arrives is very low, so you won’t see too many rainy days.

2. Gastronomy 😋

Another reason, is the Catalan cuisine, is based on the Mediterranean diet and stands out for the great variety it has. You should realize that being between the sea and the mountains can offer you all kinds of meals, yes, according to the place that go (I will leave you a list of quality / price restaurants) you can eat a good rice, vegetables, fish, legumes… also all coincide with the same, there is a lot of quality (to give you an idea, there are many restaurants with Michelin star, but..💸)

The rockstar from the Catalan cuisine

Do you think simple things are the key to happiness? because Pa amb tomàqueta (bread with tomato) is one of them, it is the star dish that is based on a good slice of bread, scrubbed tomato, a drizzle of olive oil and salt, perfect to accompany it with a good serrano ham. Butifarra is also very typical, you can eat it alone or accompanied by beans, mushrooms… if you are more than vegetables, the Escalivada, which has pepper, eggplant and roasted onion and finally, if you are a spoon, the Escudella, a soup with a meatball 🤤.

In Barcelona you can find a restaurant of all kinds and prices, I recommend the areas of the Boqueria Market, the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas.

List of some of the best traditional restaurants

  • Cal boter – Carrer de Tordera, 62
  • Casa Delfín – Passeig del Born, 36
  • La Cuina del Guinardó – Carrer de Varsòvia, 148 (only open for lunch time)
  • Can Culleretes – Carrer d’en Quintana, 5
  • Terra d’Escudella – Carrer de Premià, 20

And if in addition to eating, you want to enjoy views, I leave you some panoramic restaurants (an experience that I advise you to go with your friends, or who knows, with someone special…)

  • Torre de Altamar – Located in La Torre de San Sebastián (rooftop)
  • Visua – 23rd floor of Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya
  • Dos Cielos – 24th floor of Hotel ME by Meliá Barcelona.

3. Architecture

If you are an architecture lover, Barcelona is your Erasmus city. You are probably not one of those who look at architecture and look at other things when you travel, but architecture in Barcelona is a worthy reason to be on this list. Barcelona is known as the capital of Modernism, many of the buildings in Barcelona were in charge of the famous Antoni Gaudí, but you can also find other great non-modernist works and without neglecting the current constructions, ultramodern buildings in the new 22@ district, there you will see the largest technological buildings in the city.

In conclusion, the city itself is a museum, the Gothic style and modernism make it impossible not to come to this city.

I give you some impressive architectures that you cannot miss:

  • Gothic Style
    • La Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Santa Cruz
    • Santa Eulalia
  • Modernism
    • Barrio del Eixample
    • Sagrada Familia
    • Parque Güell
    • La Pedrera
    • la Casa Batlló
  •  Ultramodern
    • Torre Agbar

4. Big cultural offer

When I say great cultural offer is GREAT cultural offer. Many cities have it, but none like Barcelona, every day there are hundreds of cultural events, something happens every day in Barcelona. It is true that there are essential visits such as the Sagrada Familia, Fundación Miró, la pedrera… some of them you’ve got to pay and some others not but I assure you that it’s on all budgets, that’s why I leave you a list of some free or almost free activities.

  • Free museums
    • Museo Nacional del Arte Catalán → Free on Saturdays from 3pm and the first Sunday of the month.
    • Museo picasso → Free on Thursday afternoon from 6pm to 9.30 pm. Also, first Sunday of the month from 9am to 9pm.
    • Museo del Diseño Free on Thursday afternoon from 3pm to 8 pm and first Sunday of the month.
  • Free concerts
    • BAM festival September
    • Primavera Sound → First day it’s for free
    • Festival Música als Parcs
  • Free show of lights in the magic fountains of Montjuïc.
  • Do sports by the sea → the beach has sports facilities: beach volleyball courts, climbing nets, some fitness equipment…
  • Enjoy Les Festes majors during those days, the streets are filled with street food. An excuse to live the true Catalan culture from the inside.

5. People? Lovely people

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, so they are used to receive foreign people during the whole year, so that defines them as open and friendly.

To be honest… it is not easy for a Catalan to take you first love, they are a little suspicious or rather shy in a first contact (do not expect to have a super friendship, give it time, and once you win, you will take a friend for life).
Its main language is Catalan, but calm, that its second language is Spanish, therefore you will not have any problem, and even many of them know how to speak English, but yes, it respects their language.

In itself, the Catalans are very hardworking and respectful, you will adapt very well and you will feel very comfortable.

Barcelona is for all tastes, in it you can see skaters, hipsters, hippies… it is a city for everyone, you will find people with your same taste, it is certainly a cozy city.

6. Secret places that few people know…

During your Erasmus in Barcelona you don’t just have to visit the best known places, also the secret corners. Barcelona has many secret corners, corners with a lot of charm, they say that when you find one, it is like finding a treasure, and also for real. I leave you a list with some places that you will not find in the typical tourist guide and that I recommend you visit, they are totally worth it.

  • ⛲️ Tamarita park → Blanquerna – Universitat Ramón Llull
  • ⛪ The other and secret one Sagrada Familia also called Santuari de la mare de Déu de Montserrat → Montferri, Tarragona
  • 🏚Aircraft shelters → Plaza del Diamante
  • 🏞 Laberint d’Horta park → Passeig dels Castanyers,1
  • 🏣 Public library Arús → teleport to NY in this old library
  • 🌇 Vista points
    • Turó de la Rovira
    • El Parc de l’Oreneta

7. public transport

Another reason and very important in a large city is transport, and Barcelona has it very well assembled. The urban structure of the city makes it easy to move in it, therefore, I do not recommend this city if you do not like to take public transport and you prefer to walk, it is a very large city and you will have to move through the subway , trains, tram, buses…

  • 🚇 Subway. Fast and easy, 11 lines y 180 stations.
  • 🚆 Commuter trains. Seven lines that reach the towns of Barcelona (Manresa, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Terrassa or Cornellá).
  • 🚃 Trolley car. Six lines, to Barcelona and nearby cities, such as L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí and Esplugues de Llobregat.
  • 🚲Barcelona bike.
  • 🚌 Buses. 215 lines

Good transport right? Furthermore, the schedules are great both day and night.

8. Party or…chill night

Your Erasmus parties in Barcelona will be unforgettable. Barcelona is known for its good parties, although there are also many places to go on a bus. There is a great variety of discos and clubs in Barcelona and of very different types. If you are one of those creatures of the night who does not know how to say no to a good party or you are more than going out of the street, here is a list of them:

If you are a party student

  • Razzmatazz Night Club. Of the best known, most current and international electronic music (organizes university parties every Wednesday night). El Parc with la Llacuna del Poblenou.
  • Opium. The coolest on the port, Commercial House, Hip Hop, Deep House, Afrotechen. Passeig Marítim, La Barceloneta, 34. *I recommend you take a VIP table, there are many people and it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Soho. Club for students, hits and commercial pachanga. C / Aribau, 195.
  • Pacha (if Barcelona does not go to Ibiza, Ibiza goes to Barcelona) nightclub with terrace and sea views, Passeig Marítim (La Barceloneta) 38.

Today we are chilling…

  • D9. Ideal to be in a calm environment or to start the night (you can buy the Erasmus card for €5, it is an access to Razzmatazz for €1 every time you go) there they will inform you.
  • Kahala Bar. Hawaiian atmosphere, you can have cocktails with and without alcohol.
  • Oaxaca Mezcalería. (Cocktails👌🏻) Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera.
  • Collage. Have a cocktail in a lounge with vintage furniture, leather sofas …
  • Le Standard. The funny thing about this bar is that it looks like a living room, you see soon to take your sofa and enjoy the daiquiris.

Facts and dates of interest in Barcelona if you are Erasmus

  •  🚌 Bus or metro ticket. 2,20 euros, the card with 10 trips it’s 10.20 euros.
  • 🎆 The local holidays of Barcelona are around September 24, Mercé Day
  • ⛪ An entry for the Sagrada Familia costs about 15 euros. The Merce day can be accessed for free.
  • 🏢The entrance to La Pedrera costs €16.50 for students.
  • 🏣The Art Ticket costs €30 and you can visit 6 museums:
    •  MACBA
    • CCCB
    • Fundació Tàpies
    • Fundació Miró
    • Museu Picasso 
    • MNAC
  • 🍴 Approximately lunch time is around 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Dinners are served from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

Troubled neighborhoods where more sexual assault and abuse occur:

  • El Raval (especially at night)
  • Ciutat Vella
  • Sant Martí
  • Sants Montjuïc
  • La mina (don’t get close)

In general…

  • Pickpocket Risk High🔴
  • Scam risk High🔴
  • Risk of assault Medium 🔸

At the moment, the city of Barcelona is not the safest in Spain. There has been a 31% increase in violent robberies during the first half of 2019 and 8.33% more thefts compared to a year ago. However, if you take into account all our warnings, nothing has to happen.

Time to close the post

As always, I hope this post has helped you specially to know if it is what you expected for Barcelona to become your Erasmus city. Did you know Barcelona like this?

If you finally decide to do your Erasmus in Spain here I leave you the best and most economical ways to travel through Spain

Do you think I left some important information? Feel free to comment and suggest the Erasmuser community will thank you 🙂


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