Why do Erasmus in Castellon? Castellón is an ideal place for any Erasmus or university student, and not only for its good academic offer. Who would not like to be studying in a city which is 20 minutes from the beach and the mountains?
It is not only that, it is a city which also has good weather during most of the year; few rains and many sunny days per year. The city also offers very good services such as public transport. Yes, dear friend, that’s life in the magnificent Mediterranean.

Let me give you a brief context:
Imagine yourself, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, calm and warm, taking a long walk along the promenade located on the seafront, having a beer with a magnificent sun and friends … do you have any arguments against this lifestyle my friend?

In case you are still not convinced yourself, it also stands out for being one of the most economical cities in Spain, that is, day-to-day things or even the most important ones such as finding a room have a great price difference compared to big Spanish cities.

It is fair to say that Castellon is a quiet city, you cannot expect an intense pace of life or with many activities to do because, in this aspect, it also has no relationship with the great Spanish cities. Fortunately, you are 1 hour and a few minutes by train from Valencia, where you will enjoy a greater variety of activities.

I know, I haven’t told you about gastronomy… read the post and find out, here I leave you 7 great reasons about why do Erasmus in Castellón.

City review

I recommend you Castellón if…

🏘 You like small cities.
💆🏼‍♂️ You are a calmed person
🏖 🏔 You like beach and mountains

I DON’T recommend Castellón if…

😑 If you are looking for a city with a lot of life
🌆 If you are looking for a city with activities to do


🛏Room → 230 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 2 €
🍽Menu → 10 €


🌫 Wet and slightly cold winters
🔥 Very hot summers
☂️  Low rainfall
🌡️ Annual average is 17 ° C

The People



Main courses
🥘 Paella Valenciana
🥘 Arroz al horno
🥖 Ximo de Castellón – Pepitos
🥘 Arroz a banda

🥧 Pilota de frare
🥧 Pastissos de boniato

Top 5 most representative monuments 

🏛 El Fadrí
🏟 The Bullring
⛪️ The hermitage of the Magdalena
⛪️ Concatedral
🏢 Auditorium and Congress Hall

1. Living cheap means Castellón my friend

First reason to do your Erasmus in Castellon (and maybe the most important).Living in a city, at the price of… not the price of city. Money will not be an impediment!

If you are clear about doing Erasmus in Spain and not spending a lot of money, without any doubt doing your Erasmus in Castellón is a very good alternative. It is one of the cheapest Spanish cities (in addition to being provincial capital) to live.

Make the purchase, pay the electricity, water or even finding your accommodation in Castellón is below the Spanish average. The same happens if you are going to take a beer with your friends. What I mean is that the expenditure per capita is well below the usual average that any Spanish city would hold.

*  If you are looking for accommodation or want price information, I recommend that you read this post about the best websites to find accommodation in Spain.

2. The weather

One of the main strengths of Castellón is, without any doubt, its weather.
The main drawback of winters in Castellón is that being a coastal city means a lot of humidity. It doesn’t have low temperatures, but believe me, humidity won’t be your best friend during the cold months.

The rest of the year… spectacular weather. You can find yourself in situations where in the months of November or December you will be practically forced to wear a short t-shirt.

Winter may not be too cold but …

Not cold, but a lot of humidity, and that friend there is no coat that solves it. The winter months come from December, January and February; Some years January, February and March.

· Minimum average temperature 7º
· Maximum average temperature 15º

When the good weather comes …

Temperatures in summer are usually high but starting in April the good weather begins to be noticed; I mean … let yourself go. Go to the beach, enjoy yourself and go have some beers in the bars with your friends to HiErasmus health.
· Minimum average temperature 22º
· Maximum average temperature 28º

3. A University city

Castellón, as I said in the introduction, is one of the main university cities in Spain. It houses a large number of students, if you do your Erasmus in the UJI (Universidad Jaime I), you will see that Castellon is like a small city.

Obviously, the University life does not end in the UJI, also the center of Castellón has the EASD (School of Art and Superior Design) and the Conservatory of Music or, at the outside of the city, the CEU (Cardenal Herrera University). As you can see a city full of students spread across all areas of Castellón.

4.The delicious gastronomy

The gastronomy is magnificent in Castellón and also throughout the Valencian Community. They emphasize especially rice dishes. It is a rich land with products from the garden, farms and typical seafood of the area. You will be able to enjoy top quality products, at a magnificent and exquisite price. Take your notebook and write down the dishes you have to taste and learn to cook them for yours when you return to your country.

La Paella Valenciana

Castellón is located in the Valencian Community, the capital of Paella. You cannot say that you have eaten paella if you have not tasted it in the Valencian Community. To give you an idea of what a paella is in case you have not a clear idea with the photo. “The paella is a typical Valencian dish that is stewed in a flat paella with two handles, made basically with meat, beans, vegetables and rice, which is cooked in broth until it is dry” Diccionari Normatiu Valencià.

I leave here a small list of some of the best restaurants to have a paella:

  •  Restaurante j. Zamora – Calle Muelle Puerto Recinto, 32.
  • Entre Fogones by JR – Calle Campoamor, 11.
  • Les Barraques – Gran avenida Jaume I, 217.
  •  Can Ros – Calle Carrer Fray Terencio Huget (Borriana near Castellón).

Arroz a Banda

As I said in the previous paragraph, Castellón has a wide variety of foods of marine origin from the same Valencian coast. Arroz a Banda is an example of rice made with seafood; There are many other varieties and very rich such as Arroz con Langosta (lobster rice), or Arroz Negro (black rice).

Here it is also a small list of restaurants:

  •  Copas – Plaza del mar, locales 1-3.
  •  Entre Fogones by JR – Calle Campoamor, 11.
  •  Restaurante Mediterraneo – Paseo Buenavista, 46
  •  Rústico restaurante – Avenida Casalduch, 28

5. Breathe nature in the mountain and the beach

If you are one of those who like the sea, you are in luck. Ah, but … do you also like the mountains? Well friend … it’s your lucky day, you’ve found your Erasmus destination.
Castellón has large areas of nature nearby such as:

  • El desierto de las palmas (Desert of the palms) in Benicasim
  • Parque natural de la Sierra de Espadán (Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán)
  • Lucena river route in Figueroles

If you do not have transport or a partner who has a car, it will be a little more complicated to access these natural sites. What will not be so difficult for you is the access to the beach. With the tram you will arrive in less than 30 minutes at the sea promenade. The beach of Grao de Castellón has a magnificent promenade with vegetation which is highly recommended.

6. The people

Mediterranean character, I will not discover you anything! You will see that they are open, friendly and happy people. The most normal thing is that you take more than one friend from Castellón.

At first, some may seem a bit shy, or serious, but they quickly let all that joy and vitality that they carry inside go.

7. Public transport and communication with other cities

Dear friend, here you will not have to worry about getting up a couple of hours before to take public transport, to change metro… to go to the university. Everything is connected practically through a tram line, there is also the urban bus, but, honestly, I do not think that you will need too much, you can easily walk around the city.

It has good communication in terms of trains. You can go to surrounding towns such as Almazora, Villarreal, Burriana, Sagunto … or you can go to Valencia which is an hour, hour and a half away by train.

*here I leave you other interesting and cheap ways on how to travel around Spain

7+1. Party lovers or relax and chill

In Castellón, there are place for everyone, for those who go to parties and those who enjoy a quiet night. As I have been commenting on the blog, it is a fairly quiet city, but … how could a city with university students exist… without a party????
Impossible!! I leave you here a list of the most outstanding clubs that I recommend for your (maybe) Erasmus in Castellón:

  • Wallaby’s → Pop and old rock music.
  • Santos, Mambo y Menta → Reggaeton music
  • Parabarap → if you are looking for low cost shots (€ 0.50 y €1)
  • Indie Queen → Punk, alternative and aesthetic rock music

Hey!! Maybe you are not a disco or clubs’ fan and you like more beer nights and good laughs with your friends (like me). In this case I recommend you going to the Plaza de la Muralla, specifically to:

  • Bar de la Muralla
  • Bar Amore. Here the beers cost you 1.30€ and the Clara (Beer with lemon soda) 1.50€.
Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

In general, the city of Castellón is a fairly quiet city with little to worry about, but as every city, large or small, has its dangerous neighborhoods. I leave here the neighborhoods to avoid:

  • La Guinea Castellón → next to the football stadium of Castalia
  • Station area at night → As usual in any city
  • Quadra Birriolench (cemetery area) → Quite dangerous

Time to close the post

I hope this blog has helped you to get to know the city of Castellón better and know if it meets your expectations to become your future Erasmus city.

Wait 🖐

Is it just what you were looking for or expected for your Erasmus? Is it? Isn’t it? Well, share your opinion with us and the rest of the community, maybe I have left some important information without commenting. Greetings friends and as always, at your service future Erasmusers.

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