Studying abroad, getting to know people from all over the world, learning a new language, travelling, etc. They are some of the advantages that an Erasmus year provide. Many students describe this experience, as one of the better parts of their lives. However, the advantage that we would like to highlight the most is how it promotes your professional profile.

According to a research conducted by the European Commission, those students who did an Erasmus Program have a 23% less of chances to suffer long-term unemployment. In addition, a 40% of the students who did their Erasmus ended up working abroad.
These advantages sound great, right? Come on! Swipe down that we have extra reasons for you!

Let’s start with 5 facts which will help you with the decision

Here you are an own survey to students who already finished their Erasmus year, students who start their Erasmus year shortly and students who didn’t take this chance.
The results are eye-opening, aren’t they?


80% of the students met people who regret of not taking their Erasmus year.

All my friends told me amazing stories of their Erasmus year… why the hell I rejected this opportunity?”

80% of the ex-Erasmus students consider that have a great command of the language of the chosen country (4-5 points over 5 points).

Get rid of the Google Translate! Move to the next level!

64% of the students who did not take their Erasmus regret about their choice and these students added that they would take it now.

You are about to decide about this opportunity, it would be great to be out of this 64%, right? The moments that you will collect are lifelong stories about trips, parties and adventure.

100% of the ex-Erasmus students rate their experience as “unforgettable”.

Every single asked student agreed on defining the Erasmus as an “experience to tell their grandchildren”. Are you ready to collect all those experiences?

31% of the students who declined their Erasmus year admit that they were afraid of getting out of the Comfort Zone or they were afraid of moving abroad alone.

We know how comfortable home is, but the truth is that the world is out waiting for you. Take this growth opportunity!

These results always help students to be more confident, but we also have powerful reasons to facilitate the decision-take moment. Here you are 7 advantages (and 5 possible disadvantages) to understand that the Erasmus year is a worth-while experience.

7 reasons to invite you to the Erasmus Adventure

  • Learning/Improving the language

    To learn a new language or improve it with this program… and forget about Google Translate!

  • Job opportunities

    If you want to improve your CV, the Erasmus year will make you outstand in a job interview. Erasmus means maturity, adaptability and advanced language knowledge.

  • Maturity level

    Facing new challenges and being able to get out of your Comfort Zone will make you feel more competent in any situation.

  • magic of travelling

    Being part of an Erasmus program allows you to take the maximum profit of the experience, travelling is the greatest opportunity of growth and culture learning that the Erasmus year will provide you.

  • Passing that difficult subject

    This is the perfect opportunity to overcome that difficult subject that you failed (or you are afraid to face) in your country. Generally, the teachers of the host university understand the difficulty of studying abroad and they usually assess in a more comprehensive way.

  • To find a home in other European locations

    New friends of different nationalities will be your host family during your Erasmus experience. The opportunity to meet your friends again means to be welcome in a wide variety of destinations.

  • Breaking with the routine

    We are all aware that the latest years of the university degrees tend to be monotonous. We sometimes need new challenges and different stimulus to boost our motivation and keep growing in a personal and professional way.

5 reasons to avoid the Erasmus year

  • Language difficulties.

    This is the perfect excuse. However, you already know that the best way of language learning is by language immersion. As you can imagine, the Erasmus program is the perfect context to overcome these difficulties.
    In my particular case, I have a good domain of the English language, so I decided to learn Italian. My biggest fear was to arrive to Italy and not being able to communicate. I enrolled a two months course of Italian and, after my Erasmus year, I am able to communicate in Spanish, English and Italian. I thank this experience as far as I would have never learnt the language by myself.

  • Distance

    It’s completely true that you will not have your family and friends next to you, but nowadays distance is shorter than ever. Low-cost flights mean that you can visit or be visited by your loved ones.

  • Fear

    As any change in your life, feeling fear is usual. Nevertheless, this fear disappears when you start doing new activities and meeting new people.
    I have read in many places about the fear of moving abroad when in a relationship.Personally, I did my Erasmus year having a 5-year partner and we are still together. If your partner loves you and respects you and your personal growth, he or she will help you to take this opportunity.

  • Leaving your new host family.

    You will not have your family in the host country, but you will create a new family with the new friends. This friendship will last forever and the moment to say goodbye and come back to your country will arrive.
    This situation was one of the things that I kept on my mind my last week. The idea that the experience has an end helped me to deeply live and enjoy every special moment during the Erasmus year.

  • Post-Erasmus*.

    The post-Erasmus crisis is a fact. Starting again with the routine will not be as easy as you can imagine. You have learnt a new way of living and being back needs re-adaptation. I had this crisis, but I overcame it in few weeks.

I hope that this post will be helpful. Maybe you don’t have enough context to take the Erasmus year, but at least you have a wider background to bear in mind now.

The last thing! If you are considering doing Erasmus in Spain I have another magnificent post that will at least help you imagine what your Erasmus experience in Spain would be like.

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