Burgos is a city in the north of Spain quite famous for its gastronomy and its landscapes. If what you are looking for to go to Spain in Erasmus is a city full of nature and calm, I am sure that Burgos will become your chosen Erasmus city.

Do you want to know a little more about this place? Well, continue reading the post that I bring you below!

The University of Burgos and EASD Burgos, two modern centers.

The University of Burgos is quite new, since it was founded in 1994. It has two campuses:

  • The San Amaro / Hospital del Rey campus, where the Rector’s Office, the central services, the library, the sports center, the dining room and the Camino de Santiago university residence, as well as the Faculties of Sciences, Economic and Business Sciences, of Law, Education, Humanities and Communication, Health Sciences and the “La Milanera” building of the Higher Polytechnic School.
  • The Río Vena campus: The old campus of the university. Currently there is the Higher Polytechnic School and the secretariat.

On the other hand, if you study any variant of design, you will be interested in the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Burgos, since they also have an Erasmus agreement with different European universities. Its facilities are very modern, as it is a new center, and for 6 years they have even included fashion design.

In addition, Burgos has a small airport, so if you stop in a larger city such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you can find a flight to Burgos, and thus arrive faster. If you come from the United Kingdom, be well informed, because it is possible that at home you even have a direct flight.

City review

I would recommend you Burgos if…

🌄 You like a city with a natural landscape
💆🏼‍♂️ You are a calm person
🤑 You want a “cheap” city

I would not recommend you Burgos if…

😑 You prefer sunny, snow-free winter weather
 🌆 If you are looking for a city with more active / cosmopolitan


🛏Room → 250 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 2.20 €
🍽Menu → 11.50 €


🌧 Very cold winters
🔥 Warm and pleasant summers
🌡️ Annual average is 10.7 ° C

The People

 🥰 Lovely and open


Main courses
🐷 Morcilla de Burgos
🍲🐷 Olla Podrida
🐑 Lechazo
🍲 Sopa Castellana

🧀🍯 El postre del abuelo

Top 5 most representative monuments 

Burgos cathedral
🏰 Burgos castle
⛪️ Cartuja de Miraflores
⛪️ Las Huelgas Monastery

1.  Living is cheap in Burgos

If you have a very limited budget, Burgos is a very good option to do your Erasmus, since it is a city whose rental prices are quite affordable, hovering around 250€ per month in most cases.

 If you go to the University of Burgos, I recommend that you stay here if you value the proximity:

  • Calle Autónoma
  • Calle Hornillos

If you are going to study at EASD Burgos, I recommend that you stay here if you value the proximity:

  • Calle Sahagún
  • Calle Hornillos

In case you haven’t noticed, yes, the two schools are next to each other, so you will have no trouble finding them.

In case you want to book your accommodation before, or want to know the best ways to find accommodation in Spain, I leave you the post of How to find accommodation in Spain, where I explain the steps to follow and the best websites in Spain, with and without commissions management.

2. The weather

Attention for those fleeing from the typical heat associated with the Mediterranean climate 🙌.

When you come from Erasmus to Burgos, remember to bring the coats, the gloves and the scarf, because believe me, you will need it. If you like landscapes full of vegetation in spring / summer, and full of snow in autumn / winter, Burgos will enchant you.

Very cold winters

Do you like white landscapes and prefer to wear a short-sleeved coat? If the answer is yes, then your ideal Erasmus city could be Burgos.

It is one of the coldest cities in all of Spain, since it does not have the typical Mediterranean climate, but rather oceanic, that is, it rains a lot and snows for several days in winter.

  • Minimum average temperature -0’8ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 7ºC


Mild suffocating summers

On the other hand, the positive thing about the oceanic climate of Burgos is that in the hottest months, if you come from Erasmus, you will not be as hot compared to other Spanish cities. In addition, you will have the odd rainy day to cool off.

  • Minimum temperature of 11’5ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 27’6ºC

3. The city of El Cid

I am more than sure that you have heard about the Spanish legend of the Cid Campeador, especially if you are interested in history and literature.

In case it doesn’t sound familiar to you, El Cid, whose original name was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. He was a gentleman who reconquered several Spanish cities that, during the 11th century, were still under the command of the Muslim Taifa.

Well, if you go to the San Pablo Bridge, along it you will not only see the statue of El Cid, but also his wife Ximena and several of his friends who were important during the Reconquest period in Spain.

4. Gastronomy

The winter in Burgos is very long, so in general what abounds around here are hot dishes, which you will end up being grateful for when you come to Erasmus.

It is also very typical that you find meats and sausages mainly, since here they have great fame throughout Spain.

Typical food

I am sure that if you know a little about Spanish gastronomy you have ever heard of the famous morcilla negra from Burgos. In case you don’t know, this blood sausage is a type of sausage made from chopped onion, rice, butter, salt, pepper and the pig’s own blood. It might not sound very appetizing described that way, but trust me, you should give him this one to lick his fingers 🤤.

For particularly cold days, you might want to try la olla podrida, but don’t worry, it’s not called that because it tastes bad. It is a stew that mainly takes red beans, blood sausage, chorizo, bacon and pork rib. It is a very strong dish, so it can be a challenge to eat the entire dish.

If sausages are not your thing, you can also try the lechazo, which is basically roasted lamb, and I also advise you to try the  sopa castellana, which contains chorizo, tacos of Iberian ham, garlic, dry bread, water, pepper and paprika

Lastly, although Burgos does not have a characteristic dessert, the so-called  postre del abuelo is very typical, which is a piece of fresh cheese from Burgos (it has a very mild and slightly salty flavor) to which honey is placed on top and nuts.Healthy enough!


 I leave you a list of bars / restaurants where you can enjoy the true gastronomy of the city and at an affordable price:

  • Restaurante Puerta Real €€ – Plaza Rey San Fernando, s/n, 09003 BurgosIf you want to try the famous morcilla negra from Burgos, here you will not only be able to try it, but also that all its dishes  morcilla negra as a base.
  • Casa Azofra €€ – Calle Don Juan de Austria, 22, 09001 BurgosHere I recommend that you try their lechazo, since, when prepared in a traditional oven, they look great.
  • Casa Pancho €€ – Calle San Lorenzo, 13, 15, 09003 BurgosTry their sopa castellana.

Without any doubt, one of their best dishes


Here I also leave you a small list of tapas places with good quality / price:

  • Restaurante/Mesón Los Herreros € – Calle San Lorenzo, 20, 09003 Burgos – A typical Spanish bar, but it has more than 60 different types of pinchos and is quite famous in the city.
  • Tapería Royal € – Calle Huerto del Rey, 25, 09003 Burgos – Another place with a good reputation thanks to its original tapas and morcilla negra from Burgos
  • La favorita € – Calle Avellanos, 8, 09003 Burgos -It is a bar with a very careful decoration, and they also have the best morcilla negra  in town.

* Tapas: small portions of food, allows you to try many varied products at a very affordable price.

5. Location (Take a trip around Spain)

My personal recommendation is that, if you come to do your Erasmus in Burgos, take advantage of the fact that it is more or less in the center of Spain to visit other surrounding cities.

If you go north, you can visit the beaches of Santander. If you are interested in getting to know this city, I recommend that you read the post of Why do Erasmus in Santander, since perhaps it is another city that you might like.

You are also quite close to Madrid, so do not hesitate to spend a day in the capital of Spain (and if you do not know what to do, you can always take a look at the post of What to see in Madrid 😉)

6. Burgos and its nature

Perhaps Burgos does not have a beach, but believe me, its mountain landscapes are more than spectacular for all those who witness them.

In the middle of nature you can visit the famous salt flats, known as the Salinas de Oro Blanco, or you can also find an enormous Roman theater with a capacity for 10,000 people (larger than the one in Cartagena or even Merida).

You can also enjoy the beautiful views of waterfalls and rivers, not to mention that it has a total of four natural parks where you can take out the adventurer you have inside:

  • Lagunas Glaciares de Neila →The park receives this name thanks to the set of glacial lagoons formed millions of years ago.
  • Cañón de Río Lobos →You don’t have to go to the United States to see a canyon, in Burgos they also have one, and quite famous.
  • Hoces del Alto Ebro →Here you will see a great variety of fauna: from otters to golden eagles.
  • Montes Obarenes – San Zadornil → Full of fairly famous trails for those who love hiking.

7. public transport

You should know that, if you come from Erasmus to León, you will have to go by bus to go to the university, since you will discover that it is the fastest and easiest way to avoid being late for class.

  • AUTOBÚS URBANO → If you have to move around the city, it is the fastest way:
    • 1’20€ → Normal ticket 
    • 0’25 € each travel → Students bonus 
    • 36’15 € → Mensual bonus 
  • Bicibur → It is the city’s public bicycle loan service.
    You must pay 15€ and you can use it throughout the year for a maximum of 2 hours in a row.

7+1. Party or…chill night

As I have previously mentioned, Burgos is not a very festive city, since it lacks large nightclubs and in general the atmosphere is calmer, but do not worry, if you still want to party, there are several places where you can go:


Here is a list of the best places to party in Burgos:

  • Discoteca KachéCalle Vitoria, 56, 09004 Burgos –  Disco where you will listen mainly to Latin music, such as salsa or bachata. Plus, they also have dance classes!
  • La RuaAv. Reyes Católicos, 26, 09005 Burgos – If you like rock and alternative music, this is your place. In addition, they also usually play live groups and occasionally they do monologues.
  • Orosco Club – Calle Ramón y Cajal, 44, 09200 Miranda de Ebro, Burgos – Here you will find Djs and electro music.

Chill Night

If your thing is to go out more on terraces and have a drink with your friends, you are in luck, since if you come from Erasmus to Burgos, these kinds of places are the most abundant:

  • MalasartesCalle Esteban Sáez Alvarado, 4, 09007 Burgos – Beers, cocktails, or even a coffee in the morning, this is a bar to go at any time of the day.
  • La Pécora Calle del Cardenal Segura, 18, 09003 Burgos – Rock music and a somewhat retro atmosphere if you fancy a few beers with your friends.
  • Cervecería Flandes Calle Huerto del Rey, 21, 09003 Burgos – For beer lovers.

And be careful, since you can not drink on the streets of the city or you will be fined, so either terrace or inside the premises.

Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

Going from Erasmus to Burgos has the advantage that, as I have mentioned throughout the post, it is a very quiet and safe city.

Do not have particularly conflictive areas, apart from the typical that maybe the center for having many people, but it is a fairly safe city in general.

Anyway, some less cozy areas can be:

  • Barrio San Pedro
  • Paseo del Empecinado

Time to close the post

Well, if you’ve managed to get to the end of the post tell me what did you think of the city? Would you come from Erasmus to Burgos?

Finally, you know, if you still have any other questions, such as where you should make the purchase, I recommend that you take a look at the post Where to shop in Spain.


 If you have already been to Burgos, put your experience in the comments. You could help someone else decide and choose this city! 🙂

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