Why go on  Erasmus to Jaén? Probably, you haven’t heard so much about this city before, but if you are an adventurer and a big lover of nature, you must read this post. 

To begin, it’s a small city, with 112.999 habitants, and a municipality of the Andalucía Autonomous Community. Located on the south east of Spain, close to Granada, Córdoba and Malaga. 

Jaén, the world capital of olive oil,  is the land of ancestral traditions, well known as the province with the most castles and fortresses. Moreover, the one with the greater amount of protected natural surface, a perfect place for history, architecture and cultural lovers. 

 Let’s discover this multi-adventure paradise!

City review

I would recommend you Jaén if…

🏘 You are looking for a small city
🏞 You like to be surrounded by nature
💰  You are looking for a cheap city

I would not recommend you Jaén if…

🔥 You don’t like heat
🌃If you are looking for a city with more activity / cosmopolitan


🛏Room → 180 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 1.50 €
🍽Menu → 10.00 €


☁️ Very soft winters
🔥 Hot summers
🌡️ Annual average is 16.9 ° C

The People

 🥰 Lovely and open


Main courses


Top 5 most representative monuments 

🏰Castillo Santa Catalina
Catedral de Jaén
✝️La Cruz del Castillo Santa Catalina
🏟Refugio Antiaéreo
🛕Baños Árabes de Jaén

1.  Cost of living

Looking for a shared flat, the options are a lot, depending on your budget but almost all of them are affordable. The cost of living in Jaén is one of the lowest, being the third cheapest city in the spanish territory, from the shopping cart to basic services and the real estate market. If you do your erasmus in Jaen, you will find rooms for € 190 or less, close to the Jaén University. 

 In the same way, we highly recommend you to shop at DANI supermarket, on Doce Apóstoles street. And if you want to really enjoy every second of your erasmus experience, there are apps like Fintonic that will help you with the finances, read the 7 essential apps that you should have for your erasmus in Spain for more information.

2. Weather

To do Erasmus in this city you must prepare yourself for not very low temperatures. Jaén is located in the southeast of Spain you will find a continental Mediterranean climate influenced by the Guadalquivir Valley.


Cold and partly cloudy with wet ocean winds

  • Average minimum temperature 1 ° C
  • Average maximum temperature 17 ° C


It usually has maximum temperatures up to 40 ° C, very hot, arid and clear summers. The warmest season tends to last 2.9 months between June and September.

  • Average minimum temperature 18 ° C
  • Average maximum temperature 31 ° C

Do not worry if you do not like the heat, in the mountainous areas of Jaén you can enjoy a cool temperature.

3. Full of history

Discover Spain and, the protagonist of the most influential battles in the history of this country, Jaén with the Route of the castles. Starting from Castilla de las Navas de Tolosa, in the north, and following the way down to the south in Fortaleza de la Mota. Castles and fortresses where it took place the Bailén battle between the French empire of Napoleon and the Kingdom of Spain. Also, it is very beautiful to visit la Sierras de Cazorla y Segura. The commute is really easy with buses every hour.

 Live the middle and modern age visiting

  1. Castillo de Sabiote
  2. Castillo de Burgalimar
  3. Museo de la Batalla de Bailén
  4. Castillo de El Trovador Macías
  5. Castillo de Lopera
  6. Fortaleza de La Mota
  7. Castillo de Santa Catalina
  8. Castillo de Torredonjimeno
  9. Torre de Boabdil 
  10. Baños de la Encina

Some of these places have the free entrance one day per week or always, also, for being a student you get discounts. Nonetheless, it’s better to make a reservation, especially on weekends.

4. Gastronomy

Since the province of Jaén is situated between Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha, the jienense cuisine has influences of manchega (Castilla-La Mancha), Granada and Córdoba where the main ingredient is olive oil. If you do your erasmus in Jaén, believe me, you will fall in love with olives.

 Typical food

  • Andrajo: it is a stew made with a stir-fried tomato, onion, garlic and red pepper, to which flour cakes are added and depending on the variety, it can be cod, rabbit or hare.
  • Pipirrana: it is a very typical salad during the summer and the hot season. It is made with onion, tomato, olive oil, garlic, pepper and cucumber (sometimes not included). There are those who add cooked egg and tuna.
  • Ajoatao: Garlicatao is a garlic-based sauce. A paste is made with oil and ground garlic, which usually accompanies eggs and potatoes.

Here I leave some restaurants where you can enjoy the typical food and tapas. 

  • Panaceite €€ – Calle Bernabé Soriano, 1 – Typical tapas of Jaén.
  • Bomborombillos € – C/ pintor carmelo palomino, 12 – One of the first establishments to obtain the gluten-free food certificate.
  • Restaurante “La Espadaña” €€ – Calle Francisco Martí Mora, 1 – Raciones abundantes y variadas.
  • Taberna el chato € – Calle Fernando IV, Calle Fuente del Alamillo, 3 – Tapas bar.

5. Public transport

One of the advantages of living in this city, it’s that you have short distances that could be covered by walking, or using public transportation too. Though Jaén does not have a tram or bike service. 

  • BUS
    • 0.67 → Ordinary ticket 
    • 6’50 → Mensual bonus

6. Party.. or chill night

Jaén is a quiet city, but it has a lot of bars and places for move your body during your Erasmus.


This will not be a problem for any Erasmus student, there will always be a party to go to.

  • Sala Kharma – Carretera de Madrid, km 333 –  Live performances by musical groups, DJ’s and theme parties for Erasmus students.
  • Discoteca On – Calle Antonio Pradas Mateos s/n, Bailén – The nightlife reference  in Jaén, with shows and artists from all over the region.
  • Discoteca 32 – Paseo de la Estación, 32, 23009 Jaén.


If you don’t feel into the mood of going out to dance. Jaen has many pub’s such as: 

  • Bitelchus – Bernardas, 14 – With the latest music and drinks at a good price.
  • Ave. Turuta Café Rock – Travesía San Joaquín, s/n – he right place to start with some tapas and end the night with a drink in a good atmosphere.
  • Broad Street – Muñoz Garnica, 24 –  A nice place with blues or soul music in the background, and as the night progresses, pop and rock.
Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

Jaén is a fairly safe city, although as in any city, there are neighborhoods or areas where you are more likely to be robbed at certain times of the night or if you walk alone.

  • Antonio Díaz

Time to close the post

Do you think Jaén adapts to be your Erasmus city? If so, I hope the blog has helped you.
if you have been there, let us know your comments and suggestions!  Greetings Erasmuser 🙂

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