Hiiiii erasmuser !! Thought about going on Erasmus to Gandia 🤔? Well, in this blog, I will clarify all your doubts and thus encourage you to make one of the best decisions of your life … ok, maybe not “of your life”, but you will be sure and convinced about wanting to live one of the best experiences in Gandia. Ready to discover this beautiful city?

First, a little history to know the roots of this city, did you know that it is a place with a lot of history? Since it was under Muslim rule, it was a walled medieval city, it obtained the title of Ducal city and then passed to the house of Borja. This family is historic in this city, a family of nobles that passed into the history of the Papacy by Pope Alexander VI.

For those who don’t know anything about this city, you should know that you have to keep in mind that Gandía is divided into two distinct areas. One is the coastal area, where the beach and the fishing district is: El Grau (this is where the university is located); and 3.5 km away is Gandia city, where the historic center is located.

City review

I would recommend you Gandia if…

🏘 You like small cities.
☀️ You are looking for good weather.
🏖 🏔You enjoy sea and mountain.

I would not recommend you Gandia if…

🌆 You are looking for a more active city


🛏Room → 200 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 1.20 €
🍽Menu → 10 €


💦 Humid and soft winters
☀️Warm summers
🌡️ Annual average is 18.1 ° C

The People



Main courses
🥘 Fideua
🐷 Figatells
🌮 Coques de dacsa
🍆  Espencat
🥘Arroz al horno

🍰 Corona de Gloria

Top 5 most representative monuments 

🏰 El castillo de Bayren
🏯 Palacio Ducal de Gandía
⛪️ Colegiata de Gandia
🏫 Museo de Santa Clara

1. Cheap city

The first reason on the list on why going on Erasmus to Gandia is this: Gandía is a cheap city to live. Renting a complete accommodation (which I do not recommend) can cost you between € 400-500, whilst renting a room is usually between € 200-300. The advantage of not being a capital city is that prices are lower than if it were in the very center of Valencia.

 If you are going to rent a room in Gandia and want to be near the University, it is best to look for the Grau area. If you want to save money, I recommend that you wait to get to Gandía. Once there, you can stay a couple of days in a hotel or Airbnb, this way you can make sure that you will have your accommodation without any problem of scams (not in Gandía, but I know people who have experienced it) On the contrary, if you want to arrive and have your room ready, I recommend that you take a look at this blog where I explain the steps to follow and the best websites in Spain, with and without management fees 😊.

It is not only cheap to stay in Gandia, life itself is within reach of any pocket.

2. Its wonderful Mediterranean climate ☀️

In search of a destination where the sun shines 300 days a year? Then Gandia is the perfect city for your Erasmus.

There are 300 days of sunshine per year and an average annual temperature of 18º. sounds good, right?

Its climate is ideal to be throughout the year on the terraces of the pubs, enjoying the sun and laughing with your friends.You can discover the city walking under a beautiful blue sky.

 The climate in Gandia is mild and humid, but with lots of sun and very little rain.

Rain is usually more frequent in the months of October and November, it is just in these months when cold comes (intense storms).

Mild winters, but with humidity

Winter in Gandia is mild, but humid. This makes the cold more uncomfortable, but nothing extreme.

Mid winter: 12ºC.

 Hot summers

Sun is amazing, and more if we have the beach nearby. Who doesn’t like good weather? Well, in Gandia it usually arrives in mid-March until September, even the month of October and some days of November can do good.

Summers are hot, but the sea breeze makes it more bearable.

Average in summer: 25ºC.

3. Beach in Gandía? yass

Do you like the beach? Well, this is your destination! Without a doubt, it is the great attraction of Gandia. Only 4 km separate it from the city.

The beach is more than 7 km long, 100 meters of sand (you always find a place for your towel), fine sand and warm water, but most importantly, it has a blue flag!

Aside from the main beach, Gandia has many others:

  • Nord beach
  • Playa de l’Ahuïr
  • Venice Beach
  • Rafalcaid and Venice beaches, in El Grao

And if you are not lying in the sand, the Shaganesha beach bar is also a great place, you will have the best views of the sun setting behind the mountains.

Another amazing reason to do your Erasmus in Gandia 🙂

4. Impossible to get bored

Gandia is a city with a lot of history, and, over time, it has left us wonderful monuments, from mansions and castles to caves and walls, as well as many places to go hiking, plans for all tastes… Take a look:

  • Ducal Palace: It is one of the most important mansions in the Crown of Aragon.
    San Francisco de Borja was born in it.
  • Colegiata de Santa María: From mosque to church, this is the famous baroque style collegiate church. It is next to the Town Hall and is the reference point of the city.
  • Bayren Castle: Are you going hiking? Put on your sneakers and go ahead! From up there you can have the sea at your feet, also spectacular views of the coast of Denia and Cullera.
  • Gandía Walls: Few are the ones that remain, but they are frequently visited, they are in the center of the city, one of them is the Torreón del Pino, considered as a symbol of the city.
  • Parpalló Caves: One of the most important archaeological sites in all of Europe.
  • La Marjal: A beautiful lake where you will see aquatic species and native plants of the Valencian coast.

5. Gastronomy

This reason is my favorite 😋. If going on Erasmus to Gandia is already a success, with a gastronomy like this, it is even more. This Valencian municipality has a very varied cuisine. In itself, Valencian cuisine is a clear example of the Mediterranean diet. If your Erasmus is in Gandia, you cannot miss the delicious figatells (something similar to sausage), Cocas de Dacsa, and of course, their Arroz al Horno 🤤

Gandia’s star dish is …🥁

In case you didn’t know, Paella is, without a doubt, the star dish of this province. But Gandia has another recipe that makes the competition. I am referring of course to the traditional fideuà.

Chef Amadeo restaurant has won international competitions with the Fideua de Gandia. You can already get an idea of how good is it, right? 

I leave a list of pubs/restaurants where you can enjoy the cuisine of this city, good quality and at prices for all budgets:

  • Les Alcusses € – Carrer de la Serrania del Túria, 3, Grau i Platja.
  • Bar Plaza € – Plaça Major, 8, Gandia.
  • Casa Sanchis € – Calle Vallier 9,Gandía.
  • Chef Amadeo €€ – Carrer de Mallorca, 17, Gandia.

de Tapas o..  Destapa’t

One way to go for tapas in Gandia, is the new Destapa’t: a tapas route through different pubs in the city. You can have a soda + tapa for € 2 (only on Thursdays), but if you prefer you can add another tapa without drink for € 1 or € 1.50.

This route is located in the downtown area, in the Raval and the Plaza del Prado.

6. Public transport

I recommend public transport to move around both the urban center and the beach. The advantage of public transport in Gandia is that you have a wide schedule and frequency of passage.

  • L’Urbanet: It crosses the center and communicates it with all the districts as well as the commercial and industrial areas of the periphery.
    • Single trip: € 1
    • Ten trips voucher for € 8
  • La Marina Gandiense: It is the bus service that connects the beach and El Grao with the city. It works all year round and during times of greatest influx of visitors (summer, Easter, etc.)
    • Polytechnic (university) Card: Free
    • Single ticket: € 1.50
    • Student card: € 0.75 
  • The bike: The bicycle rental “labici” is the most sustainable public transport offered by the city, this option is the most economical and comfortable to move with, I recommend it.
    To use the bicycles, you must register at the “labici” offices of Tossal de Gandia street.

    • The annual bonus: € 30
    • One month: € 10
    • One week: € 5

7. Party or…chill night

Party 🕺🏼

If you are looking for partying, in Gandia there are many options:

  • Cocoloco- Carrer Camp de Morvedre, 15, 
  • Bacarrá – Carrer de Legazpi, 7.
  • Falkata – Camí Vell de València, 15
  • Varadero – Avinguda de la Pau, 27. Something quieter, with live music from pop, rock and songwriter groups.

Chill 🍻

As I imagine that one day you will want to go more chill, I leave you a list of pubs or more alternative places, ideal to have a few beers and laugh.

  • Varadero Beach- In front of Varadero, a terrace with hammocks and chill out zone.
  • Dharma bar – en la calle Clot de la Mota, 7. Chill-out atmosphere with armchairs, dim light and relaxing music.
  • Dublín – Calle la Rioja 38. You can play pool or darts while listening to live concerts.
Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

The city of Gandia is a fairly safe and very quiet city, but, just like every city, it has areas that are a little more dangerous. Do not be afraid: this is just one. It is far away from the university area.

  • The Santa Anna neighborhood, the northern section of Beniopa.

Time to close the post

If you are looking to go on Erasmus without spending a lot of money, but, at the same time, being close to the capital, Gandia your destination.

Uupsss, and to end up now…

 Are you still thinking about it? Do you have more questions about Gandia? Go ahead! Leave it in the comments down below. 🙂

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