You may not have heard about León as a possible candidate to go to Erasmus, but it has many things to offer you. León is a city full of history and emblematic places that will surely make you fall in love once you see them with your own eyes so you want to hear more?

The University of León, full of advantages to learn a language.

The Univesity of León is relatively new, since it was founded in 1979, so it is not a building full of history, but it has the advantages that only new universities can offer you, such as having newer facilities and way more modern, so it is not a disadvantage if you come to do your Erasmus to this university.

Its university stands out especially for its studies in the field of veterinary medicine, and also has a language center. In it you can practice your Spanish or other languages, such as Russian, Chinese or Japanese.

Coming to Erasmus to León is not complicated, since there is an airport a few minutes away from the city.

As a curious fact, León airport is one of the oldest air bases in all of Spain.

Although it has no international destinations, it will serve as a connection from another city, such as Barcelona.

City review

I would recommend you Madrid if…

🤸‍♂️You are an active person
💸You don’t mind spending more
👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Don’t get overwhelmed with people

I would not recommend you Madrid if…

🚶You like to move on foot (without taking public transport)
💸Looking for not spending much money
🧘🏽‍♀️️If you are looking for a quiet place, run away from the center


🛏Room → 427 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 3.30 €
🍽Menu → 12.50 €


🌧 The winters are rainier
🔥 Hot summers
🌡️ Annual average is 13.7 ° C

The People

 🥰 Lovely and open


Main courses
🍲Cocido madrileño
🥯Rosca madrileña
🍛Callos a la madrileña
🦑Bocadillo de calamares (100% recommended)

🍩Rosquillas de San Isidro
🥯 Corona de Almudena

🍟Patatas bravas y tortilla brava
🍳huevos estrellados

Top 5 most representative monuments 

🏛Palacio Real
🏛Templo de Debod
🏢Puerta del Sol
🚡Teleférico de Madrid
🏞 Parque del Retiro

1.  Living is cheap in León

Good reason, right? If you come to Erasmus to León, you will discover that room rental prices are quite cheap, most are around 250€ or less per month. In addition, the university is well connected with public transport, so you will not have problems to arrive.

If you go to the University of León, I recommend you stay here if you value proximity:

  • Diario de León Street
  • Puerta del Pando Street
  • Peña Blanca Street

In case you want to book your accommodation before, or want to know the best ways to find accommodation in Spain I leave the post of How to find accommodation in Spain, where I explain the steps to follow and the best websites in Spain, with and without commissions of management.

2.If you are one of those who likes cold winters … The weather.

Attention for those fleeing the typical heat associated with the Mediterranean climate 🙌. León is a much cooler option for you, so it would be within your plans to do your Erasmus in this city.

When it is located in the northwest of the country, the weather is rather cold during a large part of the year, especially in winter.

In summer, on the other hand, it is hot, but much less compared to other areas of the country.

Very cold winters

 It’s very cold in León. But when I say a lot, it’s A LOT. So, my advice for you is to wear a good coat if you don’t want to have a bad time during your Erasmus stay. In addition, during the months of January and February, it is more than likely to snow, so on the other hand you will be lucky to see its beautiful white landscape.

  • Minimum average temperature 0ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 9’5ºC

Summers not suffocating

In contrast, summer is much less overwhelming compared to other Spanish cities. Of course, it is also hot, so if you go to Erasmus during the months of April, May or June take thin clothes, you will need them.

  • Minimum average temperature 12’3ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 26’9ºC

3. The cradle of Parliamentarianism

If you come to Erasmus to León, you should know that, in this Spanish city, the first democratic courts in the world were held, the Cortes of 1188 (And this fact is recognized by the Unesco). By the way, if you want to know the cities with Unesco World Heritage Site, check out this post😉.

In addition, in his Pantheon of the Kings, the monarchs of León are buried, the second oldest monarchy in the world.

In addition, it contains a calendar of agricultural work that is unique in the world.

And as a last curious fact about the history of León, round the theory that here is the true Holy Grail.

4. Gastronomy

Here you eat very good! or you control yourself or you can get out of hand. If you come to Erasmus to León I hope you like sausages and meat, because they are the traditional foods of the area. In general what abounds here are hot dishes.

Although, believe me, you will appreciate these dishes. Especially in winter.

Typical food

First, you can not miss the famous morcilla de León. In case you don’t know, morcilla is a type of sausage made from pork meat (mostly it’s blood), onion and bread crumbs. It may not sound very appetizing described in that way, but believe me, you should give it a try.

Another famous sausage is the botillo del bierzo, which is made from pork ribs, slightly disembodied bones and tail, all chopped and marinated with salt, paprika and garlic, poorly sliced ​​bones and tail, all chopped and marinated with salt, paprika and garlic.

If the sausages are not your thing, you also have their famous cocido maragato, which is a soup with cabbage, potatoes, chickpeas, fillings and a good variety of meats: veal sausage, lacon, chicken, chorizo, bacon, pig’s trotters and ear, pig’s mask and nose also.

 And, of course, they also have a typical dessert. In León, their  mantecada de astorga is quite famous. It consists of a sweet bread that is quite typical, especially for snack or breakfast.

 I leave a list of bars / restaurants where you can enjoy the true cuisine of the city and even affordable price:

  • Restaurante Sorrento € –Calle Bernardo del Carpio, 1, 24004 LeónExperts on cocido maragato.
  • Mesón Don Nacho € – Calle Troqueles, s/n, 24500 Villafranca del Bierzo, LeónTheir botillo del bierzo is quite famous.
  • Bar el Rincón del Gaucho € – Calle Azabachería, 6, 24003 LeónThey serve a delicious morcilla de León, and their prices are very affordable.


Here I also leave a small list of places to cover with good quality / price:

  • La Sartenuca del Húmedo € – Calle Ramiro III, 9, 24003 León – They serve you tapas in small frying pans, and also has quite a variety of tapas.
  • Taberna del volapié € –Plaza San Martín, 5, 24003 León – It has a very traditional decoration, and very Spanish tapas.
  • Bar El Rincón del Gaucho € – Calle Azabachería, 6, 24003 León -Its tapas are famous in the city, so don’t be surprised to find it full.


* Tapas: small portions of food, allows you to try many varied products at a very affordable price

5. Location (2 Erasmus in 1)

Sounds good, right? Another advantage of going from Erasmus to León, is that if you have plenty of time, you can make a trip to Portugal and France.

Going to Portugal is much faster than France, since the trip by car or bus takes about four hours to reach Oporto.

If you want to go to France, the closest cities are Bordeaux and Toulouse, but you will have to go by plane, since by car it can be more than 7 hours.

6. A medieval city

If you like history, León is your perfect Erasmus destination. Why do I say such thing? Well, as I told you before, it has one of the oldest dynasties in the world. The Kingdom of León lasted almost 300 years and had 18 kings (some of them were even considered emperors!).

Its most famous king was King Ramiro II, famous for being one of the best warriors of the Middle Ages.

Another important historical fact is that its shield (the purple lion) is the oldest in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

In addition to the general architecture of the city maintains the medieval aesthetic, so it is a city full of charm.

7. public transport

You should know that, if you come to Erasmus to León, you will have to go by bus to go to the university, since you will discover that it is the fastest and easiest way to not be late for class.


  • URBAN BUS. If you have to move around the city, it is the fastest way:
    • 1’20€ → Ordinary ticket 
    • 6’50 € → Students bonus for 10 travels 
    • 36’15 € → Mensual bonus 
  • Bici León In order to use the bike loan service, you must apply for the Citizen Card at the City Council. Once you get it, you can use the bike for up to 3 hours in total and for free.

Of course, be careful, if you go over those 3 hours, they will fine you.

7+1. Party or…chill night

León is a quiet city, but don’t worry, you can party there too.


Here is a list of the best places to party in León:

  • Nox LeónCalle Matasiete, 11, 24003 León – Disco where you will hear the newest and reggeaton.
  • CarameloPlaza Caño de Sta. Ana, 24006 León –  Another disco, but much smaller than the previous one.
  • Sala Studio 54 – Calle Burgo Nuevo, 18, 24001 León – If the clubs have closed, but you still want to party, here they open until the wee hours of the morning

And be careful, since you can not drink on the streets of the city or you will be fined.

Chill night

You don’t feel like going out to dance or to a disco? If you prefer to sit and enjoy your beer or drink, León has also quite interesting places.

In León, a very famous location/area to start drinking is the Barrio Húmedo. It is full of bars such as:

  • Bar FlechazoCalle Cardiles, 2, 24003 León -To have a beer accompanied by french fries.
  • Pub ToroCalle Mariano Domínguez Berrueta, 12, 24003 León – They play retro music, in case you have more classic tastes.
  • Taxman Beatles Bar Calle Babia, 6, 24007 León – Perfect for a beer near the city center.
Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

If you come from Erasmus to León you can rest easy, it is not a dangerous city. Of course, you must be careful if you are going to walk alone at night, as in all parts of the world.

I recommend that you exercise caution wherever you go, especially since they can rob you in some crowded places full of tourists.

Although León does not have dangerous neighborhoods, so I told you before, be careful in these areas, especially:

  • El Crucero
  • The center of the city (because of pickpockets)

Time to close the post

And well, this is all about León. A city that I am sure you will enjoy if you decide to finally come from Erasmus.

Did you like everything I’ve told you about León? Would you be willing to make this city your Erasmus destination?

waaait 🖐️

In addition, you know, if you still have any other questions, such as where you should make the purchase, I recommend that you take a look at the post Where to shop in Spain.

And if you’ve already been to León, put your experience in the comments. You could help someone else decide and choose this city! 🙂

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