If you dare to come to do your Erasmus to Segovia, you will discover that appearances are deceiving, since, despite being a relatively small city, it is quite touristy and full of things to see and do.
Are you ready?

The University of Valladolid and its large campus in Segovia.

As you may have guessed from the title, Segovia does not have its own university, but don’t worry, because there is a large campus associated with the   University of Valladolid, which is the third oldest university in all of Spain, since it was founded in 1241.

Although the main campus in Valladolid is a very old building, the Segovia campus is new, and with very modern facilities.

Also do not worry because it is a different campus from the main one, it has 11 academic degrees ( which there are teaching, engineering, business administration, law and advertising, among others). So it is very likely that you will find your career among those available.

Of course, being a city that does not have flat terrain in the surroundings, it does not have an airport, so to get to Segovia you must go by train from a larger city, such as Madrid for example.

City review

I would recommend you Segovia if…

🏰 You like a city full of history
💃 You are a person who likes to party
👋 You want a city full of life

I would not recommend you Segovia if…

🌅 You want to be near the beach
🗣 You don’t like seeing tourists everywhere


🛏Room → 290 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 2.40 €
🍽Menu → 12.00 €


🌧 Very cold winters
🔥 Hot summers
🌡️ Annual average is 12.4 ° C

The People

 🥰 Lovely and open


Main courses
🐷 Roast pig
🍲 Judiones de la Granja
🐟 Trout
🍲🥔 Stewed potatoes with chorizo

Typical sweets
🥨 Florones
🥯 Corona de Almudena

Top 4 most representative monuments 

🌉 Aqueduct of Segovia
Segovia Cathedral
🏰 La Granja de Ildefonso Royal Palace
⛪️ Veracruz Church

1. Living in Segovia

Segovia may be a relatively small city, but as it is a very touristic place, the prices are a little less economic compared to other Spanish cities, but yes, if you come to do your  Erasmus to Segovia you will have more money from your Erasmus scholarship in comparison of whether you decide to go to other bigger cities like Madrid or Barcelona.


If you go to the University, I recommend that you stay here if you value the proximity:


  • Plaza de la Universidad
  • Calle de José Zorrilla
  • Calle Ortiz de la Paz

In case you want to book your accommodation before, or want to know the best ways to find accommodation in Spain, I leave you the post of How to find accommodation in Spain, where I explain the steps to follow and the best websites in Spain, with and without commissions management.

2. If you are one of those who likes both cold and heat … The weather.

Do cities with constant weather bore you all year? Do you want to take off the coat in winter, but also the short sleeve in summer?

Relax, if you come to do your Erasmus to Segovia I assure you that you will have everything, both hot and cold

Very cold winters

 You like the snow? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck, because in Segovia during the winter months you will see that the city is immersed in a quite impressive white landscape to see.

So don’t worry, you can take out that beautiful coat you bought last year and you still haven’t had a chance to wear it.

And if I forgot, it rains a lot too, so you shouldn’t forget the umbrella.

  • Minimum average temperature of 0’3ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 8’2ºC

Hot summers

If you come from a cold country, maybe you want to come from Erasmus to Spain for its sunny and hot weather. Is that your case? Well, if that’s the case for you, don’t let the fact that it snows in winter throw you back, because unlike other northern Spanish cities, here in summer it’s quite hot. Of course, here there is no beach to take a dip.

  • Minimum average temperature 14’6ºC
  • Maximum average temperature 29’7ºC

3. World Heritage City

Yes, as you have read, Segovia is one of the cities considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Not only does it contain very old Christian buildings, but it also has great value in terms of Jewish architecture and it also has Arab influence due to the occupation that existed until the 11th century.

Not to mention its most outstanding monument, the Segovia Aqueduct, which is considered the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain.
Overall, the look of the city is pretty classic, and it will make you feel like you’re in a history class.

By the way, if you are interested in these topics, I advise you to stop by the post about the 15 World Heritage cities in Spain.

4. Gastronomy

When coming to do your Erasmus to Segovia you will discover that the star dish by far is meat (but be careful, not sausages, unlike other regions of Spain).

If you are a carnivore, you will love to taste the gastronomy of Segovia.

Typical food

Do you want to know what you should try during your Erasmus stay in Segovia?

I will tell you. You should definitely try their roast pig. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s cooked better here than anywhere else. so if you want to treat yourself, give it a try.
On the other hand, if you are more fish than meat, try the trout, which come from the lakes, rivers and reservoirs of Segovia itself.

Another typical dish that you should try are the potatoes stewed with chorizo, which are just what its name says, potatoes stewed with chorizo, so there is little mystery.

Another fairly typical similar dish is judiones de La Granja, which is a type of stew that contains chorizo ​​and judiones, a local species of bean.

 And for those who are surely looking for something sweet for dessert, snack whatever, you must try the florones, easily identifiable in any pastry shop in the city by their flower shape.

It has a similar texture between churro and puff pastry.

Another fairly typical dessert is the ponche segoviano, which is a cake with a layer of marzipan, another of icing sugar and, above all, a sugar syrup that gives it a shiny appearance. Of course, it can be a bit cloying.

 I leave you a list of bars / restaurants where you can enjoy the true gastronomy of the city and at an affordable price:

  • Restaurante José María €€ – Calle Cronista Lecea, 11, 40001 Segovia – A little expensive, but his roasted pig is famous.
  • Restaurante Mesón de Cándido €€ – Plaza Azoguejo, 5, 40001 SegoviaThey serve traditional food and on top overlooking the Aqueduct, so two in one.
  • Las Tres BBB €€ – Plaza Mayor, 13, 40001 SegoviaAsk for dessert the ponche segoviano on your menu, it is one of the best in town.


Here I also leave you a small list of tapas places with good quality / price:

  • La Codorniz € – Calle Hermanos Barral, 1, 3, 40001 Segovia – A bar at a good price and without many tourists, since it is very traditional. It is also close to the center
  • Santana € – Calle de la Infanta Isabel, 18, 40001 Segovia – Very frequented by university students during the week. Also, they play rock music.
  • Nueva Tasquina € – Calle Valdeláguila, 3, 40001 Segovia – For little money they give you a fairly large amount of food.

* Tapas: small portions of food, allows you to try many varied products at a very affordable price

5. Location (From Segovia to all of Spain)

The best thing about coming from Erasmus to Segovia is that, if you like to travel, but your budget does not help you go far, the city is in the central area of ​​the country, so you can visit more than one famous Spanish city and within a few hours away.

For example, you can travel from Segovia to Madrid, the capital of Spain, in less than two hours by train, In addition to Salamanca or Toledo, other very tourist cities and full of history.

 If you are interested in getting to know any of these cities and need some extra help, head over to the blog of 7 ways to travel in Spain, it may help you a little!

6. Segovia an its Semana Santa

You have probably ever heard of the famous Spanish holiday known as Semana Santa.

In case you do not know what it is, it is a religious holiday that lasts a whole week in which, supposedly, the moments of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are commemorated.

Why do I say “supposedly”? Well, don’t worry if you are not a religious person, because while it is true that there are many religious-themed parades (which I still recommend you stop by, as it is a quite famous and well-known cultural experience in the world whole), basically the rest of the population goes out to the party streets, and in various parts of the city there is music and people dancing.

7. public transport

Segovia is not very big, but to go to some places it may be convenient to get on the city bus. Unfortunately, there is no bicycle loan service, since the one they implemented was not very successful, but it is possible that throughout 2020 the city of Segovia will try to implement it again :

  • AUTOBÚS URBANO : If you have to move around the city, it is the fastest way:
    • 1€ → Ordinary ticket
    • 0’40 € → Each travelStudents bonus 

7+1. Party or…chill night

Segovia, although it is a fairly touristy city, is not very partying, so the nightclubs are not very abundant. The local people are very calm and they don’t like people to create scandals in the wee hours of the morning, even so, these are the places that I recommend:


Here is a list of the best places to party in Segovia:

  • Discoteca SabbatCalle Paseo del Salón, 1, 40001 Segovia – One of the most modern nightclubs in the city.
  • Canavans-Theatre SegoviaPlaza la Rubia, 2, 40001 Segovia – Another club that you have as an alternative in the city. The music that plays here is mainly house.

Chill night

Do not you feel like going out to dance or to a disco? If you like to sit down and enjoy your beer or glass quietly, there are also quite interesting places.

  • Mandala. ASSIAN LOUNGE BARCalle Colón, 4T, 40001 Segovia -It has a decoration based on Hindu temples. They serve a very large number of cocktails.
  • Metrópolis Calle de los Coches, 5, 40002 Segovia -Its neon lights predominate in all

the premises, giving it a fairly modern aesthetic. In addition, during the weekends they usually play local groups live.

  • Be Cool Drink Calle Dr. Sancho, 4, 40001 Segovia – I recommend it if you are looking for good beer and at an affordable price.

And be careful, since you can not drink on the streets of the city or you will be fined, so either terrace or inside the premises.

Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

One of the advantages that you will discover if you come from Erasmus to Segovia, is that it is not a city with problematic neighborhoods.

The local people are very calm and accessible.

The only downside is that it is an old city, so the facade of some buildings is not in its best condition, especially if you are looking for accommodation near the center, although many floors are renovated inside.

Time to close the post

And here the post ends. Tell me, what did you think of Segovia? Would you come from Erasmus to this Spanish city?

Also, you know, if you still have any other questions, such as where you should make the purchase, I recommend that you take a look at the post Where to buy in Spain.


If you have already been to Segovia, write your experience in the comments. You could help someone else decide and choose this city as their Erasmus destination!:)

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