Hiiii Erasmuser !! Thinking of doing your Erasmus in Sevilla? undecided? Well calm down, I’m going to solve all the doubts you have about this city and thus be able to opt for it or not (surely after reading this blog you will have it very clear).

What if I tell you that everything you think of Spain is summed up in a city? Good weather, sun, beach, good vibes, gastronomy, flamenco and much more. If you want to soak up good energy (the Sevillians will make it easy for you) this is your Erasmus city. Venga mi aaaarma! Read on to discover the city with most art in Spain 💃🏻.

To begin with, this city has one of the most extensive historical centers of the European continent, this makes it an interesting tourist destination, since it has a varied and valuable architectural heritage. In addition to the typical tourist sites, if you are lucky enough to be in spring in this city, you will find the celebration of Semana Santa and the Feria de abril, and there you will enjoy it very much😏.

Regarding the Feria de abril, or if you have Sevillian friends or even if you are lost, since this is mounted in a fairground, with the typical Sevillian booths, horse carriages, flamenco dances … it is very difficult to access there like that just because.

City review

I would recommend you Sevilla if…

💃🏼 You want to LIVE Spain
🕺🏽You can’t and won’t stop any second.

I would not recommend you Sevilla if…

🏘 You are looking for a small city


🛏Room → 275 €
🍺Beer 0,5L → 1.20 €
🍽Menu → 10 €


☀️ Soft Winters
🔥 Very hot Summers
🌡️ Annual average is 19.2 ° C

The People

 🥰 Lovely and open


Main courses
🍅 Gazpacho
🍲 Cocido Andaluz
🥔🥚 Huevos a la flamenca
🐃 Rabo de toro
🐟  Soldaditos de Pavía
🦑 Chipirones a la plancha
🐟 Bacalao con tomate

🍞 Las torrijas
🥨 Los pestiños

Top 7 most representative monuments 

⛪️ Catedral y Giralda
🕌  Los Reales Alcázares
🗼 Torre del Oro + Río Guadalquivir
🛶  Parque de María Luisa
🌇 Plaza de España
🏙 Las setas de Sevilla
🏘 Triana

1.  The weather

Sevilla tiene un color espeeeecial 🎵! The sun looks like no other city and if something characterizes Sevilla is its pleasant continental Mediterranean climate, this makes it very bright throughout the year. This light that gives us its climate, produces positive energy in the character of Sevillians.

In Sevilla it rains approximately 51 days a year, very few compared to other Spanish cities.

The winter

Seville’s climate is mild and warm, so its winters are not extreme, nor unbearable. Yes, it is true that they are cold and somewhat cloudy, but it will not prevent you from sitting on a terrace and enjoying the clear days, which are not few.

They tend to vary depending on the months, mainly in January being the coldest month, where temperatures tend to drop to 5ºC.

  • Average winter temperature: 5-6ºC

In summer .“ozú, qué caló mi arma”

Well yes, I can only tell you that it is the warmest capital of the Iberian Peninsula, its summers are very hot, but short. In case you do not know, Seville is in the depression of the Guadalquivir, that means, if at night you tell a Sevillian to open the window to run the air, he will laugh at you.

  • Average winter temperature: 31-35ºC

2. Gastronomy 😋

Another reason why doing your Erasmus in Sevilla is this, and for me, the best. Whether for their serranitos (they will always serve you with a beer, Cruzcampo of course), pescaitos fritos, snails, very cool gazpacho on hot days, chipirones … the truth is that there is a lot of variety of dishes, but if you want to know what that really makes a Sevillian happy ..

  • Eat a potato with aioli on the highest step of the Patio de San Eloy.
  • A bucket of snails please! and of course the Cruzcampo.
  • Take some fried fish in Salvador bar.

The best traditional restaurants and bars in the city

  • Los coloniales –> Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 19.
  • El rinconcillo –> Calle Gerona, 40
  • Taberna del Arenal –> Almte Street. Wolf 2

Abundant tapas

With a tapa, you already eat and of course, let’s see if you can guess what it is accompanied with? very good, with a Cruzcampo! and if not, with a Rebujito: it doesn’t get drunk, it just makes you happy.

I recommend these bars and restaurants, the most authentic in Seville.

In Mateos Gago street, near the Giralda, Santa María la Blanca and in the Nervión neighborhood you will find many bars, many, lifelong bars. But we must highlight some of them:

  • La Goleta –> Calle Mateos Gago, 20. Try the orange wine.
  • Meat Gate –> Santa María la Blanca Street, 2. Awesome Fritura.
  • Casa Paco –> Luis Huidobro Street, 23. Impressive tapas bar.
  • La Sal Tavern –>Calle Doncellas 8. Santa Cruz. Tuna 10/10.
  • El Rinconcillo –> Calle Gerona, 40. The oldest bar in Seville.

A delicious reason to do Erasmus in Sevilla 😋

3. Monuments and places to leave like this 🤩

There are a ton of interesting places in Seville. From a boat trip on the Guadalquivir river while watching the Torre del Oro, to take the most wonderful photos of all your friends in the Plaza de España, which by the way, I recommend this blog of the best apps to make them even more spectacular. You will also see the first urban park in Seville and the largest wooden sculpture in the world.

  • Plaza de España ( a travel to the 1920 Expo)
  • Fall in love with la Catedral y la Giralda.
  • Reales Alcázares  (take the time it takes to see it)
  • Torre del Oro
  • El río Guadalquivir
  • Parque de María Luisa (the first urban park in Seville)
  • Las setas de sevilla (largest wooden sculpture in the world)

4. Barrio de Triana

The most popular neighborhood in Seville, that is Triana. This is located on the other side of the Guadalquivir, where you must cross the Triana bridge, once crossed, you enter the neighborhood with more art in Seville. Streets with a lot of history, where it seems that time has been frozen. You will not find great museums, but there are still many things to see:

  • The Altozano Square
  • The alley of the Inquisition
  • Triana Market
  • The Church of Our Lady of the O
  • Betis Street

 You really want to see a flamenco performance? 💃🏻 Well, that’s done! I recommend you do the flamenco tablao Baraka Sala Flamenca, you can book here.

5. The sevillians  🥰

The previous point influences quite a lot with this reason, if you do your Erasmus in Sevilla, they will welcome you as if they had been waiting for you a lifetime. The Sevillian character is cheerful. Their good sense of humor has always stood out, with a positive way of seeing life. The good weather encourages them to make a lot of life on the street and socialize, so the Sevillians will welcome you super well. They do not understand you? They do not speak in your language? Don’t worry, with gestures we all understand each other, you will also laugh, they are very funny even without wanting to.

7. public transport

You arrive in Sevilla to do your Erasmus and one of your questions is How do I move around the city? Here is a list of all the options you have. As I said earlier, it has the largest Historic Center in Spain, therefore, it is easy to move, since most of the streets are pedestrian, they are ideal for walking. But if we want to reach areas that are a bit far from the center, we can take public transport. Wide variety of means of transport, but I am going to put the ones that you are going to use as metro, bus and bike.

  • Urban bus  TUSSAM, 
    • 1,40 € –> Plain ticket
    • 5€ –> 1 day tourist ticket
    • 10€ –> 3 days ticket
    • 35,30€ –>30 days with no limits when traveling
    • 19€/month –> no limits when traveling.
  • Metro de Sevilla
    • 0 saltos –> 1,35 € (plain) , 2,70 € (both ways)  0,82 € (Bonometro)
    • 1 salto –> 1,60 € (plain)  3,20 € (both ways) 1,17 €  (Bonometro)
    • 2 salto –> 1,80 € (plain)  3,60 € (both ways) 1,37 €  (Bonometro)
    • 4,50 € –> 1 day bono
  • Public bicycles Sevici
    • 13,33 € –> Weekly bonus
    • 33,33€ –> Monthly bonus

7+1. Party or…chill night 🍻

The Sevillians, do not stop still whether it is cold or warm outside, everyday is good to go out, either partying or chilling.


  • Antique theatro sevilla–> The most vip disco in Seville, a bit apart from the center. C/ Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro, s/n.
  • Terraza Casino–> It is a cocktail bar and disco. Avda. Maria Luísa s/n, Sevilla
  • Hoyo 19 –> Thursday’s (juernes, for university students) there is an open beer bar.  C/ Julio César, 3,


  • Bakú –> It’s more a cocktail bar with table football and hookahs. C.C Viapol Center, Calle Pirotecnia, 1.
  • El muelle New York –> An ideal place to spend evenings with pleasant music and the best cocktails in Seville.
  • Manhattan River Bar Sevilla –> Super plan is having drinks at the river’s edge. Paseo de las Delicias, s / n

Paseo Colón

It is not a place or a disco, but it is necessary to mention this walk, the Colón de Sevilla. It is a walk where numerous pubs and cocktail bars are distributed with a good atmosphere. What about hearing good music at the Guadalquivir River?

Warning places

⚠️ Warnings

If Sevilla is your chosen city to do your Erasmus, you do not have to fear for your safety, it is a happy and safe city, although there are neighborhoods that I do not recommend going to. Being a large city, the troubled neighborhoods are many, and there are areas to avoid, these are the following:

  • Las 3000 viviendas
  • El vacie
  • Polígono norte
  • Los Montecillos (Dos hermanas, Sevilla)
  • Casitas bajas de Amate
  • Los pajaritos

Time to close the post

I hope you liked it, but above all, I hope that this blog of why doing your Erasmus in Sevilla helps you to know if it is your Erasmus city or not, I am sure you have been wanting more, but what if you discover it by yourself?


 If you have already been to this city, do you recommend me more things? I’m all ears to continue expanding this list. 🙂

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